Bayonetta 3 Gets a Nudity Toggle to Make it Easier to Play in Front of People

Look, sometimes you just want to relax and play your Switch without having to worry about who's looking over your shoulder.

Bayonetta 3 is showing up fashionably late to the third-party Nintendo Direct from two weeks ago and has a new trailer and release date.

The third entry in the action series will launch on Switch on October 28, bringing the witch back eight years since Bayonetta 2 launched on the Wii U. Bayonetta 3 definitely seems to be maintaining the series’ scale in combat and dramatics in the latest trailer, which also includes some returning faces. Including Enzo, Luka, Rodin, Jeanne, new playable character Viola, and what looks like a new Umbra Witch character that wasn’t in previous games.

Check out the trailer below:

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Also, in an effort to make Bayonetta 3 just generally easier to play in public, developer Platinum Games has also announced it’s letting players turn off the nudity that comes with Bayonetta using some of her abilities. You see, Bayo’s outfit is actually her hair, and she uses her hair to attack enemies sometimes, so naturally her hair outfit’s got to come off her body every now and again, right? Well, Platinum Games is acknowledging that some of us play Switch games in public spaces and is letting players toggle the (still mostly covered up) nudity to their liking.

Having played Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on my Switch while in-between college classes, I really wish that had been available in the other two games just so I didn’t have to be as careful about where I was playing it. So now everyone has one less thing to be worried about someone seeing as you’re trying to comfortably play your Switch and do sick combos and shit. But it’s also a toggle, so those who want to keep things as they were, go nuts.

Anyway, shoutout to Platinum Games for saving 2022.