Baldur’s Gate 3 Leaves Early Access for Full Release in 2023

That's enough time to finally decide what my character will look like (maybe).

In 2023, Baldur’s Gate 3 will no longer ask me to settle for a tiny snippet of Astarion’s romance. Developer Larian Studios announced its Dungeons & Dragons-inspired RPG will make the leap from early access into a full-fledged experience sometime next year.

It’s kind of news and kind of a thing we knew—Larian mentioned just months ago that Baldur’s Gate 3 has “about a year” left with its early access version. During a panel Fanbyte attended in February, director Swen Vincke said the project was “at the end-stage of development” but didn’t commit to any firm timeframes. Regardless, Larian’s one-year goal put version 1.0 somewhere in 2023.

The studio’s latest video update streamed during D&D Direct (via Rock Paper Shotgun) gives the window official confirmation. That 2023 launch is confirmed towards the end of Larian’s development tribute, chronicling a long two years for the early access project.

While the Baldur’s Gate 3 wait for version 1.0 may hit the three-year mark, Larian hasn’t been shy about the bar for release or what features take priority. They reiterate as much in the video; you can play it now or hang tight for next year. The option to indulge early is neat for those of us eager to form some loose ideas around the RPG’s direction during our long wait, and the preview is enough to sell folks like Fanbyte’s Kenneth Shepard on the game when it’s done.

It’s a sentiment I certainly share. In my limited time with Baldur’s Gate 3, I’m rather smitten with Astarion—a man who pulled a knife on me while I was trying to flirt—and Shadowheart—a lady I seem to like more every time she’s mean to me. Appreciate the weird feelings, Larian.

Anyway, I’m also sold on Baldur’s Gate 3 thanks to some of those early runs through a limited window, and I think that’s enough to tide me over for now. In the meantime, waiting a year gives me enough time to create maybe one more angry-looking Tiefling lady in its character creator. I’ll dive into 1.0 at launch for that update alone.