Avengers Will Finally Bring Spider-Man to the Game Over a Year After Announcement

The webhead has been announced for a November 30 date.

Over a year ago, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix announced that they will be supplying extra content for the PlayStation versions of Marvel’s Avengers in the form of an entirely additional and unique superhero, Spider-Man. The decision was controversial, but became even more quixotic as the game failed to garner critical or audience acceptance for really any of its versions. Introducing a wedge into that situation to make two-thirds of the other platforms feel lesser was not ideal and it helped foster resentment against the game from much of the audience.

As the year went on and Avengers went through some subdued highs and real bad lows, the lack of Spider-Man wasn’t really the most important thing to fix, but it was becoming notable in his absence. Today, Crystal Dynamics confirmed that Spider-Man will be appearing exclusively for the PlayStation versions of the game on November 30, precisely 484 days after being announced.

The wall crawler, commonly considered the most popular superhero in the world, is getting an event to go along with him the same day. In addition, new enemy types, new costumes, reworked systems, and raids are also getting added that same day, according to a tweet from the official account.

It doesn’t take insider knowledge to assume that Sony paid a princely sum either for the Spider-Man content or to lock planned Spider-Man content to the PlayStation. The company has multiple vested interests in associating the character with their consoles and overall company, not the least of which is that he is, as I mentioned, the world’s most popular superhero in polls. I can even see why Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics were more than happy to commit to that transaction, because more money for the game’s development likely lifts all boats.

But after the year Avengers has had, I really can’t imagine any parties involved are happy with the way this whole thing turned out. It’ll be interesting to see the (thus far weirdly under-promoted) Spider-Man content, but with a rush of players coming in from Game Pass and discounted PC purchases, this is definitely a punch-in-the-gut for a large proportion of the playerbase.