Arcane Season 2 is in Production, Skips 2022 Release

Netflix renewed the League series after its final episode debuted.

The League of Legends animated Netflix series, Arcane, will continue. Riot Games confirmed the second season is in production and returning to the streaming service, but new episodes aren’t expected to air until at least 2023.

During Riot’s Undercity Nights event, the company announced Arcane’s return along with new footage of the  League of Legends fighter, Project L. There aren’t any scenes from the actual series, but the Season 2 teaser reveal does include the voices of Caitlyn, Vi, and Jinx as portrayed by Caitlyn Kiramman, Hailee Steinfeld, and Ella Purnell respectively.

The animated series will not make its comeback in 2022, but it’s expected to arrive much faster than the first season did after its initial reveal. Fortiche Productions, the studio behind Arcane’s animation, will also continue their work on the project. It’s a bit of a short tease, but you can listen and pick apart the new audio preview of Arcane’s second chapter for yourself:

The last of Arcane’s nine episodes just aired yesterday, November 20, on Netflix. If you’ve seen them all, that brief clip may make a bit more sense. With the show’s first big finale over, it looks like a major cliffhanger will leave the door wide open for the continued pursuit of Jinx and arcs introducing other champions you’ve met on Summoner’s Rift.

As for what we’ve got on Arcane already, Fanbyte’s staff kind of digs it so far. I’ve spent the last decade myself falling in and out of love with League of Legends. I mostly try to avoid it thanks to its notoriously toxic all-chat, and that really poisoned the well for me in the lead-up to Arcane. After watching it, I loved it, but whether or not I return to the original MOBA remains to be seen.