Respawn is Hiring for a Single-Player Apex Universe Project

We'd like to prepare for Titanfall, but Respawn's next Apex game only mentions it's a single-player FPS.

Respawn Entertainment is hiring for another game in the Apex Universe. While the new positions don’t go in-depth, the studio consistently mentions its project is single-player.

As spotted by Dexerto, an “Apex Universe FPS Incubation Title” project pops up in a few places under the studio’s career page. Listings include positions for a skybox artist, senior software engineer, senior environment artists, and a few others. Some of the postings may be a bit confusing as they drop the Apex mention upon clicking through to the application. But, they all appear to be talking about the same single-player adventure in the battle royale’s world. Unfortunately, the responsibilities mentioned in Respawn’s open positions don’t reveal much else to try and connect the dots between.

That aforementioned Apex Universe keeps adding to its world in Respawn’s big online shooter, so a single-player iteration certainly makes sense. And for the unfamiliar — yes, this is the Titanfall universe, not just Apex. However, given the nature of the first game and its unfortunate sunsetting, plus the world’s big ‘boom’ arguably taking off with Apex Legends, the branding makes sense.

Maybe it's no Titanfall 3, but there's a new singleplayer Respawn game in the works.

While the studio hasn’t been particularly coy with more Apex-related news, its position on a possible Titanfall 3 got a little confusing last year when Respawn’s Twitter account posted a couple of strange, contradictory statements. Given the studio’s success with the Apex namesake, it seems unlikely our third Titanfall-style game dreams are coming true for now.

And while Titanfall 2‘s single-player campaign has got to be one of Respawn’s most beloved experiences, the developer has plenty to stay busy with. Back in January, EA announced its golden child was working on a series of Star Wars games. Some of those, like Jedi Fallen Order, weren’t a surprise, but the other two projects weren’t on the bingo card.

Regardless, it’s easy to rule those Star Wars projects out under new game descriptions; they’re already marked on the careers page. We can strike some of those theories off the list, but mech-fueled wall-running sure did rule. Bring us that.