Apex Legends Season 15 Trailer Teases Catalyst’s Abilities & New Map

A new trailer for Apex Legends Season 15 dropped earlier today and it’s given us a glimpse at the new legend in action. Dubbed “Catalyst,” this legend is from the moon of the planet Boreas, which was previously destroyed when the character Seer was born. Now being rebuilt for the Apex Games, this moon serves as the fifth map for Respawn Entertainment’s multiplayer shooter.

In the new trailer, we also get our first look at what Catalyst can do and it’s a little bit different than previous leaks suggested. While it was suggested that she could construct a massive tower, it appears to be a giant wall of black fluid instead. This wall also appears to block scans and it slows Octane when he tries to go through it. Given the prevalence of recon legends in the current meta, having a legend that can block their abilities would certainly be welcomed.  We also see Catalyst throw down some of this fluid on the ground which knocks Fuse and Maggie over. I imagine this is her tactical, so it will be interesting to see the in-game version of this.

As for the new map, there’s a moment where Catalyst jumps off a platform and appears to float in the air thanks to some air vents. This might be a new element in the arena, allowing players to hover in the air similar to when you fall into the lava in World’s Edge. One in-game element we do know is coming is a rail system thanks to the A New Home game mode. If you snagged a Golden Ticket, players were able to get a short in-game tour of the upcoming map. This included riding on a rail system that looped all around various buildings and terrain. We also get a glimpse of these rails throughout the new trailer.

If you want to experience the new in-game teaser for the upcoming map, you’ll need to craft a Golden Ticket in-game. This item can only be made at Replicators and costs 125 crafting materials. Once you have enough, go to any replicator and select the Golden Ticket at the top of the crafting wheel. Now just snag the ticket when it’s created to gain access to the A New Home mode in the game mode selection menu.

The Apex Legends Season 15 gameplay trailer goes live on Monday, October 24th.