Apex Legends PSA: Stop Leaving When You’re Downed in Shadow Royale

Please actually play as the shadows in Shadow Royale

Apex Legends returning Halloween event, Shadow Royale, has officially launched which means it’s time to get spooky and start wall running. At least, that’s what I would like to say except people keep leaving the match the moment they get downed! Look I get it, this mentality of abandoning your squad the moment you get knocked is basically a tradition in Apex Legends. However, I am begging you to stick around when you die in Shadow Royale because being a “zombie” is the best part of the entire event.

For the unfamiliar, Shadow Royale is a limited-time mode that sees teams of three battling to be the last squad alive. The catch is, whenever someone on your squad dies they will be respawned as a shadow version of themselves. When a team has no more non-shadow members they are completely eliminated from the match. Shadows are unique because they cannot heal, use weapons, or pick up items on the ground. Instead, shadows can only use an enhanced melee attack, double jump, revive downed allies, and wallrun. That’s right, you can finally live out your Titanfall 3 fantasies in Apex Legends and run along the walls at high speeds.

Shadows are exceptionally dangerous, as they possess high mobility and solid damage thanks to their buffed melee damage. They can be extremely useful for distracting teams during fights, securing kills, or just harassing enemies. Because of this, players who get knocked should stick around. Sure, you don’t get to shoot anyone, but you can smack your opponents around and even claim victory. In most cases, there’s rarely a full squad left going into the final few rings because it’s way easier to be killed in this mode. So if you master the shadow’s movement, it’s pretty easy to either deal damage, avoid gunfire, and slay any enemies in your path. Plus, it’s just really cool to chain wallruns and double jumps together when exploring the spooky version of Olympus.

Apex Legends’ Shadow Royale is available until October 11th and will return at the end of the month on October 25th.