Apex Legends Making BLM, Stop Asian Hate, Pride, and Suicide Prevention Badges Available to All Players

The badges were originally unlockable during specific windows.

Apex Legends has unlockable cosmetics called Badges that players can use to showcase certain achievements they’ve accomplished, such as winning a certain amount of matches in a row or acquiring a certain number of items. However, Respawn has also used it to showcase certain causes and communities, such as Pride flags and Black Lives Matter support. These were unlockable during certain windows, meaning if you didn’t play the game during a specific time period, you wouldn’t be able to have them. That is until Apex Legends’ November 2 update, where they will be made available for all players.

The studio made this announcement through its social channels, where it confirmed the Pride, Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, and Suicide Prevention Month badges will be permanently available next Tuesday. However, all of them will be temporarily unavailable as preparation for the update in the meantime, meaning they’ll be gone for a little under a week.

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Having mostly experienced Apex Legends through cultural osmosis, I was aware of these badges, but not of their limited nature. Good on the team for making this change, because as a person who has been eyeing Apex for a while, it would be nice to be able to don the Pride badge when playing as pansexual icon Fuse. Plus, a lot of the causes like Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate are ongoing, and shouldn’t be relegated to a specific window of the year. So overall, this just seems like a correction of an oversight, as these are things fans will likely want to have on their profiles year-round.