Amazon Reportedly Not Looking to Acquire Electronic Arts ‘Today,’ At Least

One report conflicts another.

There was a series of reports and rumors swirling around the internet this morning about Amazon looking to acquire publisher Electronic Arts and all its subsidiaries. So just in case you saw only one part of the entire saga: it doesn’t look like Amazon is going to bid on the company “today” as originally reported. Is it still something that might happen in the future? That’s a bigger question.

It all started when USA Today through GLHF posted about a rumor that Amazon would be putting in a formal offer to buy the Mass EffectMadden, and Apex Legends publisher today, August 26. Shortly after, however, CNBC talked about the report and said they had sources who say no such Electronic Arts acquisition would be happening “today.” Unless their sources “have no idea” about any such deal happening. The “today” qualifier does indicate that it could, hypothetically, happen in the future, but the entire tone of the response (which was very fixated on GLHF being Swedish?) seemed dismissive of it entirely.

In other news:

Amazon, or any other company for that matter, acquiring Electronic Arts sounds a lot more feasible than it did a decade, or even five years ago, as the games industry has gotten really into massive acquisitions in recent years. The most notable one is probably still Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard in the midst of its ongoing harassment and workplace culture scandal, but there have been other recent examples, such as Sony acquiring Bungie, or Embracer Group absorbing several companies and the Lord of the Rings IP all in one fell swoop.