All Three New Armor Exotics in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep

The Season of the Deep is here (in theory, at least) in Destiny 2, and like previous seasons, this one brings some new Exotics to the game. Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks each have one new Exotic armor piece they can acquire through solo Legendary or Master Lost Sectors or through the Vex Incursion activity on Neptune. Here are the three pieces and what they do.

Destiny 2 Cenotaph Mask Season of the Deep Exotics

Cenotaph Mask — Warlock Exotic Helmet

In the hands of a Warlock, Trace Rifles automatically reload and mark combatants. Allies who assist in eliminating these targets are rewarded with Heavy ammo.

Destiny 2 Arbor Warden Season of the Deep Exotics

Arbor Warden — Titan Exotic Chest Armor

Titans are empowered to create grenades fueled by the Traveler’s Light. When thrown, these new grenades explode and create a barricade at the impact location.

Destiny 2 Triton Vice Season of the Deep Exotics

Triton Vice — Hunter Exotic Arms

A Hunter’s Glaive comes alive with power and overflows with each foe they dispatch. Matching subclass and Glaive elements cause projectile eliminations to detonate.

We’re not sure about the Titan Exotic — why would you ever want to throw a Barricade? Unless there’s something here we’re missing, it sounds like a bit of a raw deal. That said, there is some comedy potential in throwing a barricade in front of a player about to throw a grenade or fire an explosion weapon in the Crucible.

Hunters getting a Glaive-focused Exotic feels a little lackluster, though it could be fun with the right build in PVE. As for the Warlock Exotic, well, if it’s good then Warlocks are going to be the designated Divinity users in endgame content from now on. If nothing else, it’ll be a change of pace from running Starfire Protocol, which is seeing a heavy nerf this season.

What do you think of the new Exotics in Season of the Deep? Let us know in the comments below.