Alan Wake Remastered Revealed For Switch, AMC is Behind the TV Show

Remedy Games also shared further details and concept art of Alan Wake 2.

During a lengthy presentation from Remedy Games celebrating the 12th anniversary of Alan Wake, which takes place on May 14, the studio shared a plethora of news about the franchise. For starters, Alan Wake Remastered is coming to Switch sometime in the future, while AMC has officially bought the rights to make the TV show, which was initially announced back in 2018.

The presentation introduces creative director Sam Lake as well as actors Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porretta (who gave the look and the voice of Alan Wake, respectively) in a chat with senior community manager Vida Starčević. Without much introduction, Villi shows up playing with a Switch Lite, and Lake takes the opportunity to reveal the port. There is also a brief gameplay showcase that looks fairly rough in terms of framerate, but there’s clarification about it being a development build that is still a work in progress. No release window for the time being.

In reference to the Alan Wake TV show, which was first revealed back in 2018 as a collaboration with Peter Calloway (Cloak & Dagger, Legion) as showrunner and writer, as well as Sam Lake acting as executive producer, Lake mentions that AMC has bought the rights to the TV show. It’s uncertain if Calloway is still involved, or how long it’s been since the collaboration started, but it’s in the works. Lake even jokes about the timeframe saying that “sometimes making video games takes a long while, well, it kind of turns out that making a TV show can take even longer.”

As for Alan Wake 2, Remedy shared an update saying that it may take a while until we get to see another trailer, let alone gameplay of the game. That being said, Lake mentions that “a great deal of the game is playable” already, but the studio isn’t showing “anything big this summer” about the game.

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“To create a proper, polished demo or a trailer takes a lot of effort, and it’s several months of work that could take away from development,” Lake says in the video. “We feel that we have a momentum going, and we want to make sure we are creating the best, and first, survival horror game for Remedy.”

The news follows the reveal of the upcoming Max Payne remakes, and it seems like Remedy is going to be busy for the foreseeable future. I’m interested in knowing more about how Alan Wake 2 is gonna tackle the survival horror theme, but I’m unsure if there’s going to be a better moment than this. Sorry, Remedy, y’all put the bar too high for yourselves.