Against All Odds, the Halo TV Show Will Seemingly Premiere in 2022

It may not be Halo Infinite, but it's still Halo Really Long.

In 2013, Microsoft held a reveal of the Xbox One with an odd focus on TV shows and cross-media branding. The headliner, of course, was a brand new Halo TV series, with perennial name-attacher Steven Spielberg headlining as executive producer. In the past eight years, as Microsoft has become subsequently less interested in combining TV shows and video games, the Halo series has endured being bounced around to different production companies and networks, only to now land on Paramount+ in 2022.

The news comes from Paramount+ themselves, a streaming service most people haven’t heard of and those that did completely forgot existed.

The series is still being produced by Showtime, but will air on Paramount+, which itself is a rebranding of CBS’ All-Access pass. Multiple concepts for the show have been floated over the years, including ones entirely divorced from the story of Master Chief and the Halo games and ones that explicitly star Master Chief, so it is difficult to guess what we will actually be getting next year.

Still, a 2022 release puts it right alongside the delayed Halo Infinite, so maybe Microsoft is lucking into the synergy they wanted nearly a decade ago.