Activision Blizzard Workers Plan Walkout in Push for Protections for Women, LGBTQIA+ Employees

The walkout is scheduled for later this month.

Activision Blizzard workers’ Committee Against Sex and Gender Discrimination is planning a walkout on July 21 as it calls for better employee protections against legislation affecting women, LGBTQIA+ employees, and their families.

The ABetterABK Twitter account, which has acted as a hub for workers at Activision Blizzard in the months since a California lawsuit against the company for its workplace culture was published, posted an extensive thread laying out employee’s demands. The thread calls for a focus on protections of Activision Blizzard employees in the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and specifically points to inadequate protocols regarding out-of-state medical care, which employees seeking an abortion may need if they live in a state where the procedure is hypothetically outlawed, or a trans employee may need to receive gender-affirming care. As of this writing, Activision Blizzard offers $4000 reimbursements for out-of-state medical care, but the thread points out this does leave employees open to prosecution in their home state.

Further on, the ABetterABK account claims some of its initial demands following the formation of the Committee Against Sex and Gender Discrimination haven’t been met, though the company’s official statements on the matter claim otherwise. This includes the universal waiving of all forced arbitration, informing employees they don’t have to sign off on any such agreements, and the end to intimidation against those organizing within the company.

As the the account signs off at the end of its thread, it also posted a graphic that lays out its eight demands ahead of the walkout, which reads as follows:

1. Employees must have the option to choose fully remote work. If a position requires physical work, employees must have the option to relocate to an office in a safe state or country.

2. Employees in locations passing discriminatory legislation must be offered relocation assistance.

3. ABK must provide Cost of Living adjustments to compensation for employees who relocate.

4. ABK must ensure that our health insurance partner continues to cover transgender and reproductive healthcare, including abortion. If an employee must travel to receive care, ABK must cover ALL travel expenses.

5. ABK must quickly enact plans to allow relocation from locations which are discriminatory legislation.

6. The sexual harassment audit/report must be shared with employees to validate its findings.

7. ABK must agree to hold regular meetings with the worker led Committee Against Sex and Gender Discrimination.

8. ABK must sign a labor-neutrality agreement like Microsoft’s.

We’ll update this story as it develops, including when the walk out begins on the 21st.