A New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer is Coming Tomorrow Morning

It's time for another glimpse into the Paldea Region.

We’re just a little over two months from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s November 18 release date, and as such, the marketing push seems to finally be in full swing for the upcoming pair of RPGs. Last week we learned about Grafaiai, a new Pokemon native to the games’ Paldea region, and this week we’re getting a brand new trailer.

A post on the Pokemon social channels confirms a new trailer is debuting at Nintendo’s usual early as heck timeslot: 6 a.m. Pacific/9 a.m. Eastern, tomorrow, September 7. There’s no other concrete information beyond that, but we can probably expect a few new Pokemon reveals, as well as confirmation of some old favorites returning. There’s still a fair bit of the game we have yet to see, such as learning about any antagonistic team that might be making things worse for people in the Paldea region, or the rumored Ancient/Future versions of Pokemon that will be exclusive to Scarlet and Violet respectively. So hopefully this new trailer is beefy and gives us a deeper look into what we can expect in this corner of the Pokemon universe.

More Pokemon:

Beyond that, the last time we got a big blowout of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet information, we learned about the Tera Crystals gimmick, which allows Pokemon to change their typing and wear a giant crown on their head to reflect it. This seems to be the Paldea Region’s answer to Dynamaxing, Mega Evolutions, and Z-Moves from previous generations.

All of these new sides of the Pokemon universe are well and good, but Game Freak, just give me just a quick glimpse of Hot Dad Professor Turo again that’s not the same intro section you’ve been showing for months. Thank you.