54 More FFXIV Gear Items Will Soon Be Genderless

More items in Final Fantasy XIV can be worn by both genders.

We sit on the eve of the next major patch. Patch 6.3 is coming to Final Fantasy XIV on January 10, 2023, continuing key storylines and adding a great deal of new raids, dungeons, and more. The patch isn’t all just big additions, however. There’s a lot of smaller perks under the hood.

One of those perks is the continued effort to remove gender locks from certain gear. The FFXIV team has been slowly removing the gender locks on items over the Endwalker patch cycle. This latest set of removals is the largest one yet, with a total of 54 items being changed.

FFXIV Dashing Valentione Set

The full list from the preliminary Patch Notes is below:

  • Valentione Apron
  • Valentione Trousers
  • Valentione Apron Dress
  • Valentione Skirt
  • Royal Seneschal’s Chapeau
  • Royal Seneschal’s Coat
  • Royal Seneschal’s Fingerless Gloves
  • Royal Seneschal’s Breeches
  • Royal Seneschal’s Boots
  • Songbird Boots
  • Songbird Hat
  • Songbird Jacket
  • Songbird Gloves
  • Songbird Skirt
  • Valentione Rose Hat
  • Valentione Rose Waistcoat
  • Valentione Rose Gloves
  • Valentione Rose Slacks
  • Valentione Rose Shoes
  • Valentione Rose Ribboned Hat
  • Valentione Rose Dress
  • Valentione Rose Ribboned Gloves
  • Valentione Rose Tights
  • Valentione Rose Heels
  • Valentione Forget-me-not Hat
  • Valentione Forget-me-not Waistcoat
  • Valentione Forget-me-not Gloves
  • Valentione Forget-me-not Slacks
  • Valentione Forget-me-not Shoes

FFXIV Prim Valentione Set

  • Valentione Forget-me-not Ribboned Hat
  • Valentione Forget-me-not Dress
  • Valentione Forget-me-not Ribboned Gloves
  • Valentione Forget-me-not Tights
  • Valentione Forget-me-not Heels
  • Valentione Acacia Hat
  • Valentione Acacia Waistcoat
  • Valentione Acacia Gloves
  • Valentione Acacia Slacks
  • Valentione Acacia Shoes
  • Valentione Acacia Ribboned Hat
  • Valentione Acacia Dress
  • Valentione Acacia Ribboned Gloves
  • Valentione Acacia Tights
  • Valentione Acacia Heels
  • Bergsteiger’s Hat
  • Bergsteiger’s Jacket
  • Bergsteiger’s Halfgloves
  • Bergsteiger’s Halfslops
  • Bergsteiger’s Boots
  • Dirndl’s Hat
  • Dirndl’s Bodice
  • Dirndl’s Wrist Torque
  • Dirndl’s Long Skirt
  • Dirndl’s Pumps

It’s worth noting that a number of these items are a part of seasonal event events. The Valentione items, for example, were all a part of Valentione’s Day in 2020. That means you can no longer acquire those items via in-game play.

Instead, you have to head over to the Online Store. In the store the sets, like the Men’s Valentine Rose Attire and Women’s Valentione Rose Attire, will cost you $5 a pop. If the first one looks familiar, that’s because our very own Linkshell-kun wears it as his standard attire!

The item chests are also being renamed. All of the “Gentleman’s Valentione” chests are being renamed to “Dashing Valentione” instead, while the Lady’s Valentione” chests become the “Prim Valentione” chests. A small change, but a welcome one.

As we said before, Patch 6.3 is coming on January 10, 2023, offering more housing, more Island Sanctuary items, and a new Deep Dungeon called Eureka Orthos. You can keep up with all the Patch 6.3 content right here on The Linkshell! And while you’re waiting, there’s also the new Heavensturn event for 2023!