12 Better Uses of $1500 Than Buying the Chris Redfield Resident Evil: Village Coat

It's not even a good coat.

Capcom has made a lot of expensive replicas of Resident Evil clothing over the years. Pieces like Leon Kennedy’s coat from Resident Evil 4 will run you a pretty penny of around $1200 USD on their own. But the company also released a super special edition of Resident Evil 6 for $1300 because it came with a leather jacket made to look like Leon’s outerwear in that game. Well, Capcom is doing it again. This time with Chris Redfield’s jacket in Resident Evil: Village.

The jacket is on sale in Japan on Capcom’s online store for the horrifying price of ¥159,731, or just over $1500 USD. And as Kotaku points out, the coat is really unremarkable beyond the branding. It doesn’t even have a zipper or buttons to close the thing up if you get cold. If you happen to somehow have a spare $1500 in the middle of a pandemic and really determined to make this purchase, I would assume that anything I could say to deter you from buying the thing would go right in one ear and out the other. But, to play devil’s advocate, let’s run down a list of better uses of those $1500 right now:

  1. Pay your bills.
  2. Start (or add to) a savings account.
  3. Food? You need that and that costs money.
  4. Donate to a charity like Extra Life or AbleGamers.
  5. Buy three PlayStation 5s that you can stack on top of each other and use as a scale reference in photos of yourself.
  6. Adopt a pet and responsibly care for it.
  7. Support your artist friend’s independent store or commission them to draw something for you.
  8. Subscribe to content creators you like who are struggling to make ends meet right now.
  9. Buy anywhere from 20 to several hundred video games depending on the platform and pricing of games. They can be for your own collection or you can gift them to friends or random people in need of interactive entertainment.
  10. Donate to someone’s GoFundMe for medical expenses because the American healthcare system is a prison and low income families are ruined by it every single day.
  11. Also donate to someone’s GoFundMe that’s trying to raise money to get out of a poor living situation, because that will change someone’s life more than the small bit of retail therapy serotonin you’ll get from buying a Resident Evil: Village jacket.
  12. Buy 30 waving inflatable tube guys to put in your front yard that will put on synced, choreographed routines for passersby every time a breeze comes through your neighborhood.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play the $2000 Last of Us guitar I bought with no regard for my other expenses or how I could’ve done any of the above instead.

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Resident Evil: Village is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on May 7. The game may still be a few months away, but a short demo called Maiden is available now on PlayStation 5. Along with the single player campaign, Village will also launch with RE: Verse, a multiplayer mode starring characters from across the series’ 25-year history.