I Am Selling This Review as an NFT: A Review

You could buy this, but also you shouldn't.

There are words here, but they probably don't actually matter for anything. No one reads anything actually about NFTs or Web3 or whatever bullshit is being peddled today. They're just all in awe over the complexity of buzzwords and the honeysweet promise of profit-generation of potential without details.

Like in theory NFTs for video games could be something interesting, in the same way that using a hula-hoop as an input device could be something interesting. But at some point, someone has to ask the game design questions of "Why?" rather than "How?" and that's where all this stuff stops. In theory, yes, you could buy Cloud's buster sword and it belongs to you and you can take it into Pokemon for Pikachu to use —  but The Pokemon Company and Game Freak are never going to do that. So all you did is buy a digital amiibo that at best Square Enix may support one day. And you didn't even really buy that, you bought an authentication that says you bought that, which is not the same thing as actually buying it!

Look, our industry has been broken regarding ownership and licensing for a long time, but I think if anyone tells you for sure they know how to use the blockchain and NFT for industry-changing ideas that fix problems without introducing a host of new ones, they are trying to grift you.

Anyway, please buy this review, it will make you rich someday maybe.