The Top 10 Chameleons in Games

To celebrate the addition of Chameleos to Monster Hunter Rise, it’s Chameleon Month here at Fanbyte, and today we’re counting down the best instances of these little color-changing lizards in video games.

monster hunter rise chameleos

10. Chameleos

Could a chameleon be a dragon? That’s the question Capcom asked when they put Chameleon in the game Monster Hunter. This rough customer not only disappears to blend into the environment, but can steal the helpful pollen buffs players have accrued to empower itself. Watch out for his powerful “Chameleon Sting” move!

Chameleon Twist

9. Chameleon Twist

Back in the 90s, everyone wanted to have the next Mario 64. They tried making Crash Bandicoot, and they even tried making a Croc, but Sunsoft decided to try making a Chameleon Mario. The chameleon in this game is just a little guy who gets sent on a magical adventure by a white rabbit. He may not look much like the real life lizard we all know and love, but with his powerful “Chameleon Sting” move he just might be able to save the day.


8. Chameleon Sonic

There are as many Sonics as there are kinds of animals, so it’s no surprise that there’s a Chameleon Sonic. He’s a ninja with the ability to turn invisible, he’s friends with a bee and an alligator, and he can use his powerful “Chameleon Sting” move to defeat Doctor Robotnik’s monsters.


7. Chameleon (Mortal Kombat)

Chameleon isn’t in Mortal Kombat, he’s just an urban legend. But if he was, I bet his Fatality would be the powerful “Chameleon Sting” move.

Kid Chameleon

6. Kid Chameleon

No. Everyone hates this.

Chameleon Twist 2

5. Chameleon Twist 2

For the sequel to Chameleon Twist, Sunsoft decided to make them look like chameleons this time. Just like in their first outing, these licking lizards can use their tongues to do wicked stunts and catch enemies, plus activate their powerful “Chameleon Sting” move to do big damage.


4. Mortal Kombat Chameleon (Girl Version)

Just like a real chameleon, this ninja character can copy the abilities of her rivals, giving her a huge range of options in battle, including the powerful “Chameleon Sting” special move.


3. Busuzima

In the fighting game series Bloody Roar, every character can transform into a stronger animal version of themselves. Busuzima turns into the mighty chameleon, which allows him to execute the powerful “Chameleon Sting” Beast Drive move.

2. Yooka-Laylee

Yooka-Laylee is a sequel to Banjo-Kazooie only instead of a bear and a bird it stars a chameleon lizard and a bat. Yooka-Laylee can use her chameleon heritage to turn invisible and collect secret items by climbing up walls, and can even team up with her bat friend to use the powerful “Chameleon Sting” move to beat up bosses.

Sting Chameleon

1. Sting Chameleon

Sting Chameleon is a boss in Mega Man X, which isn’t the tenth Mega Man game at all. He was unpopular among his colleagues but he seems like a pretty cool guy and I think it would be fun to hang out with him. That said he does seem to spend a lot of time invisible up in the trees and knocking spikes down from the ceiling. But I think you could interpret that behavior as acting out because of the way he has been treated, and with some encouragement and outreach I think Sting Chameleon could be a good friend to have.