The Most Interesting Virtual Items Ever Sold

I’ve spent more money than I care to share on Clash Royale boosts. I’ve bought a bunch of Fortnite Battle Passes. For these folks, virtual items have no ceiling on price.

Video producer Frank takes us through some of the most bonkers virtual items ever sold in a game. The items sold run the gamut from pretty useful to absolutely useless, but all have one thing in common: they’re profoundly expensive for something that exists in ones and zeroes.

No judgment, though! Since getting back into World of Warcraft, I’ve certainly considered breaking my Blizzard terms of service to buy a completely loaded character with real cash money. I can’t judge at all! I get it!

As for the other games included in the list, you should just watch the dang thing! I definitely learned some stuff (including that Cryptokitties is real and it’s made from my nightmares).