Ranking All 25 Fall Guys Mini-Games From Worst to Best

There are a lot of mini-games in the new, hit battle royale game: Fall Guys. From dodging giant fruit to crashing through fake walls, this multiplayer title offers a robust collection of challenges. Yet some are simply better than others. And we’ve set out to decide which ones rise above (or fall below) the rest. When deciding this ranking, I looked to the challenge level of each event, their overall design, and how the mode functions as part of the larger match. While my own personal bias will certainly seep in — based on the swirling torment of falling down holes 16 goddamn games in a row — I tried to think of both newcomers and a skilled player’s perspective. Below is our ranking of every Fall Guys mini-game from worst to best.

I look forward to everyone telling me how wrong I am.

(Author’s Note: This list has been updated following the Mid Season Update mini-game changes.)

24. Tip Toe

Tip Toe can still get fucked.

Do I need to write more? Fine. Luck always plays a factor in Fall Guys. However, an entire event that punishes those willing to take risks removes all the fun of the game. Ninety-nine percent of Tip Toe matches consist of 15 bean buddies shoving one another onto the other platforms to test if they’re safe. There’s virtually no skill involved. Often those who go first are eliminated simply because they have to respawn. Nothing is more frustrating than performing perfectly in previous mini-games, only to lose because everyone is shoving one another onto vanishing platforms.

Editor’s Note: This rules, actually. I love this. The fall guys have gone full Joker — just murdering each other to proceed. Hell yeah.

23. Jinx

Team games are generally meh, but Jinx is this low simply because it’s so boring. It’s just a less engaging version of Team Tail Tag — which is saying a lot. The idea of running around trying to curse an entire team is intriguing, but it quickly devolves into everyone just spinning around on the plates and waiting to jump away. You rely entirely on your teammates here. They need to be better at grabbing others than the enemy, taking fate out of your hands and God’s. We’re only putting this one slightly below Team Tail Tag because the arena for this mini-game is pretty lame and unremarkable. A better map might actually lead to a more interesting version of this event, though.

22. Perfect Match

This sounds like hectic fun on paper. It’s a mini-game that tests your memory and speed! In actuality, it’s a boring slog that rarely sees anyone eliminated because the platforms are so large. This makes it nearly impossible to fail since you rarely fight over space. The time it takes for platforms to vanish is also pretty generous, so you can easily make it to safety. Perhaps if the platforms were a little smaller there would be a greater risk for those who wait to see where everyone else runs. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Most games finish with only a couple of people being eliminated. It’s a waste of time between “real” obstacles.

21. Team Tail Tag

Probably one of the most hated team games in all of Fall Guys, Team Tail Tag tasks players with swiping tails off opponents. Whichever team has the fewest tails gets sent back to the bean locker room. While the game can be fun, you really can’t have much impact outside of grabbing a single tail or defending your own. This forces you to rely heavily on the rest of your team (again) to actually do its job. It can be especially frustrating if you go the entire round without having your tail stolen… only to lose because everyone else had theirs snatched. I will give Team Tail Tag props for having a really entertaining arena with multiple levels and hazards, though!

20. Gate Crash

Gate Crash is here simply because it’s so unrelentingly boring. The entire gimmick is running through rows of gates. They raise and lower, forcing you to jump over them at the right time. That’s it. That is is the entire mini-game. Outside of one fun jump at the end, Gate Crash is perhaps the least skill-intensive mini-game in all of Fall Guys. Whether you succeed or not depends on if you end up being trampled by other players. It lacks the zany hazards you expect out of the other obstacle courses, causing it to deliver an underwhelming experience.

19. Hoopsie Daisy

Oh look! It’s another team game entirely reliant on your teammates doing their job. It’s the battle royale equivalent of screaming “Get on the payload!” Hoopsie Daisy tasks teams with jumping through floating rings to score points. Whichever team has the least amount of points at the end of the mini-game is eliminated. While the act of running around, dodging hazards, and diving through hoops is amusing, you’ll quickly feel the frustration if your team fails to score points. That being said, you can have a bit more impact on the scoreboard if you manage to jump through a lot of hoops. The arena itself is nicely balanced, too. Even though Hoopsie Daisy would benefit from a free-for-all variant, the team version is just serviceable.

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18. Door Dash

Door Dash is probably one of the most infuriating Fall Guys events. It’s almost entirely dependent on luck, rather than wacky physics and unexpected skill. Tasked with bashing through rows of doors that are either real or fake, Door Dash again punishes those willing to take risks. While you can get lucky and bust through a bunch of real doors, the majority of the lobby just waits for the real pathway to open up. What follows is a massive bean stampede where you get trampled and left in the dust if you don’t make it to the door first. This can craft some funny moments, but it wears out its welcome after you see it a few times.

17. Hoarders

Hoarders revolves around three teams trying to shove giant balls into their designated area. It’s a pretty straightforward game that typically ends with two of the three groups ganging up on the other to eliminate them. Despite its relative simplicity, there is some nice nuance to this mode. Players need to decide whether they want to attack or defend their team’s point. Thankfully, the inclusion of hammers or pushers in each segment do spice up the moment-to-moment gameplay. They make forcing a ball or keeping inside your base a little trickier, adding a new layer of strategy the mode was previously missing. It still has issues, mainly due to its layout,

16. Rock ‘N’ Roll

I rather enjoy Rock ‘N’ Roll, personally. But I can’t deny it’s quite aggravating. In this mini-game, three teams push a ball down an obstacle course and into a goal. The last team to do so, naturally, gets eliminated. This introduces some frantic moments where teams desperately try to navigate hazards to try and outrun their foes. Where Rock ‘N’ Roll falters is in its final moments. That’s when all three teams meet up on a large slope. Players can now run over to one another’s sides, throwing their squishy bean bodies in front of the ball in an attempt to stop it. You’ll probably have a good laugh the first time, only to realize in horror that a bunch of people have shoved your ball into a corner and there’s nothing you can do about it.

15. Dizzy Heights

Dizzy Heights is all about understanding movement and momentum. Broken up across different variations of spinning platforms, players need to use the rotations to rocket themselves to the next area. This is fine, but Dizzy Heights relies a little too much on this one gimmick. It never adds any real layer of challenge until the very end — making the other two thirds an absolute breeze for experienced players. While it’s fun to try and figure out the fastest route to the finish line, Dizzy Heights just doesn’t offer enough to remain engaging. The addition of Big Yeetus and fruit at the end are nice, but nothing too groundbreaking or engaging.

14. Jump Showdown

The latest mini-game added to Fall Guys, Jump Showdown tasks the last surviving players with hopping over a moving horizontal beam. Similar to Jump Club, this beam will speed up with every rotation, however, the twist is various parts of the arena will fall into the slime. This adds a new element to the mode, forcing players to think about their positioning and the risks that come with isolating themselves from the group. It’s a generally entertaining mode and certainly the easiest finale to win. However, there might be too much of an emphasis on luck since it’s possible to be stuck on a floating piece of real estate with no way of escaping.

13. Roll Out

Roll Out is a deceptively simple event where players try to not fall into slime while staying on rotating platforms. This may seem boring at first, but things quickly devolve when players try to throw one another into the lava. It’s a chaotic but surprisingly entertaining mess: Fall Guys personified. It even boasts a small level of strategy when you rotate between the spinning areas. Some have gaps, walls, or hazards, so mastering how to navigate moving maze makes for an engaging experience – at least for the first couple of minutes.

The problem with Roll Out is that it’s a survival mode. Then at a certain point, everyone just wanders easily between platforms without any eliminations happening. Since the mode doesn’t increase in difficulty as time goes on, players often switch to auto-pilot as they wait for one or two more people to plummet into the slime.

12. Fall Ball

A Fall Guys variant of soccer is just as dumb and infuriating as it sounds. There’s a surprising amount of skill involved, too, as teams both attack and defend. Understanding what role to play and when is the key to success, but most users just try to push the ball into the goal. This doesn’t make Fall Ball a bad mini-game (it’s not). While the normal version is entertaining, it’s the two remix versions that moved this mini-game up in the rankings. Adding spinning hammers and a spinning center adds a dash of chaos that can help teams with less experience triumph.

11. See Saw

See Saw isn’t a bad mini-game; you’re just bad at See Saw.

That might sound harsh, but the obstacle course See Saw is fiendishly clever. It forces players to work together if they want to reach the finish line. Attempting to raise or lower seesaws so you can progress is surprisingly tough, as you need to leave just enough time to jump from platform to platform. Physics is the only real hazard, but this is challenging enough. Trying to navigate constantly moving platforms provides a lively struggle as you attempt to make it to the end.

Where most players get hung up is their sheer impatience or unwillingness to work together. Sure, watching dozens of beans hurl themselves to their demise is funny, but it can be a bit frustrating. This is especially true if you get a bad spawn point that forces you to just wait until the plates lower on your side. It’s a smart mini-game marred by overestimating everyone’s ability to understand how a seesaw works.

10. Tail Tag & Royal Fumble

We’re cheating a little with our 10th ranking by combining Tail Tag and Royal Fumble. Both operate exactly the same, just with different arenas and the number of tails. While the grab mechanic’s range really needs to be looked at, the general concept is great! Having a bunch of players fight over who gets to wear one of a small supply of tails creates a nail-biting experience. It’s a mode that absolutely oozes tension, with every movement you make potentially leading to a complete disaster.

Even though grabbing can be wonky, there’s just enough of a skill ceiling to allow clever players to escape their pursuers. Both arenas are expertly crafted, boasting various areas to ditch pursuers or set up ambushes for unsuspecting beans. Hopefully developer Mediatonic just addresses the grab mechanic. This could easily be one of the most enjoyable modes in Fall Guys.

9. Egg Scramble

The best of the team games (which isn’t saying much), Egg Scramble has three teams fighting over a pile of eggs. Whichever team has the smallest number of eggs at the end gets eliminated. This is Fall Guys team play at its best: a solid mix of strategy where you aren’t entirely reliant on your team. Though their understanding of the mini-game helps. Since you can pillage other team’s nests, a skilled couple of users can quickly empty a nest if left unchecked. Yet, I do wish the steps to each nest were just a bit shorter. It’s almost too easy to just camp your own nest to prevent people from stealing anything. It’s not perfect, but far more enjoyable than Fall Ball, Team Tail Tag, and Jinx.

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8. Fall Mountain

Perhaps the toughest mini-game in Fall Guys, Fall Mountain tasks around a dozen beans with racing up a deadly hill filled with hazards to reach the crown. While each component is easy to tackle individually, running up this massive incline and attempting to be first is an entirely different level of difficulty. Any wrong move could send you throttling back down along with your hopes of winning. It’s a mode that demands perfection, which makes those victories even sweeter. That being said, I do wish there was some method of catching up outside of sheer dumb luck. Having your entire chance at victory dashed away because one massive ball hit you is quite heartbreaking.

7. Fruit Chute

My personal nemesis, Fruit Chute is all about luck and careful positioning. This mode tasks players with running up a conveyor belt spewing giant fruit at you. Despite seeming remarkably simple on paper, Fruit Chute can be absolutely merciless at times. Ducking and diving out of the way of giant rolling bananas while a moving floor tries to throw you into the slime forces users to juggle multiple hazards at once. While the odds may seem stacked against you, it’s more than possible to make it to the finish line without a scratch on your bean. A perfect marriage of dumb luck and skill, Fruit Chute will have you holding your breath as massive oranges come crashing down onto your perfectly smooth head.

6. Block Party

Block Party is one of the few survival modes with a surprising amount of variation. All players have to do is dodge or jump over incoming walls that try to push you into slime. This typically devolves into hordes of beans running from one side to the other like a horde of hungry zombies. But it’s this sheer simplicity that makes Block Party so enjoyable. There’s almost no luck involved. It’s more than possible to dodge every wall, even when they come throttling towards you at the very end. Keeping your distance from others is the key here, since falling down could mean your defeat.

Block Party may not win any awards for innovation, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.

5. Jump Club

Another simple mini-game, Jump Club requires players to either duck or jump over rotating pillars on a circular platform. Each of the two pillars rotate independently and at different speeds. Users must constantly adjust where they jump. This adds a nice layer of strategy to Jump Club, as you need to constantly account for the changing speeds and other users. What starts off as comically easy rapidly transforms into one of the toughest events in the game. Just a single hit from the pillars can send you falling into the slime. Add in the other users trying to sabotage each other to craft a tense, yet silly mini-game.

4. Hit Parade

Short but sweet best describes this Fall Guys obstacle course. A relatively simple mini-game, Hit Parade serves as a wonderful warm-up round to thin the number of players. With only four main areas, Hit Parade finishes remarkably fast if you know what you’re doing. That being said, the Mid Season Update introduced some terrific changes that add an extra layer of difficulty, while removing some of the cheese. Having the pushers go to the very edge of the ramp at the end was a great change, that forces players to now actually avoid the hazards. Introducing swinging balls on the opening poles is another great addition that rewards timing and skill. Because of this, Hit Parade has risen like a phoenix to crack the top five of our list.

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3. Hex a Gone

Easily the best final mini-game in Fall Guys, Hex a Gone is a near-perfect mashup of skill and luck. There are a number of strategies you can utilize in this mode, but none of them feel overly cheap or dominant. Do you rush to the bottom and make a massive pit for players to fall in? Maybe you try to cut other players off and isolate them? There are quite a few routes to victory, which is something rather rare in Fall Guys. Sure, people who understand how to traverse a broken up collection of hexagons will have a better chance, but they also have to account for the users eating up everything below them. This makes it so even those who don’t play much can achieve victory.

Hex a Gone is what all final modes should aspire to be. It’s an activity that anyone can win, but skilled players still have a slight advantage.

2. Slime Climb

The second best mini-game in Fall Guys, Slime Climb, is a challenging experience that tests your obstacle maneuvering skills.  In this mode, players traverse up a massive hill of obstacles while the slime quickly begins to rise behind them. This crafts a panicked scenario where players rush to finish before being consumed by pink goo. It’s an exhilarating mini-game that makes every jump, dive, and moment matter. At the same time, it’s not as punishing as Fall Mountain, since a few missteps are allowed. The slime doesn’t rise all that quickly. Slime Climb also boasts a number of clever shortcuts players can learn and utilize, hearkening to classic party games like Mario Kart, giving them an advantage on their journey. It’s a mode of pure skill since all you need to do is make it to the end.

1. The Whirlygig

The Whirlygig is the ultimate mini-game in Fall Guys. In this activity, players navigate spinning vertical and horizontal fans that send you flying if they manage to connect. Broken up across multiple areas, each section escalates slightly in difficulty, with the final portion threatening to send beans flying into the abyss if they’re struck. What truly separates Whirlygig above Dizzy Heights or Hit Parade is how it incorporates a risk versus reward design.

Players can attempt to take the most direct (and thereby fastest) route, but there’s a high chance you’ll be throttled away. Inversely, you can go the longer, much safer path that has fewer high-speed fans. Weighing these choices in the moment easily elevates Whirlygig as the gold standard of obstacle courses. Plus, there are multiple areas where you can troll your friends. Who doesn’t want that?

What’s your favorite mini-game? Are there any that frustrate you beyond reason? Let us know in the comments!