Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018 – The Best Skins, Ranked

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018 event is here. With it come some beautiful, cozy winter skins for our favorite heroes. Blizzard teased them throughout the week leading up to the event. After having a good look at all six of the new legendary skins (and one epic), it’s time to rank them. Obviously.

I’ll judge these based on how good they fit the character, how inspired the design is, and how cute they are overall. This is why you wear skins in Overwatch, after all. You can’t capture objectives without looking cute. Let’s get to ranking!

Festive Reinhardt Overwatch

9. Festive Reinhardt

I really like the colors on Reinhardt’s Festive skin. He drops the helmet and wears gold and red in this skin. It looks accurate to the name and gives him a good recolor to switch to if you’re getting bored of all the rest of his skins. This is a neat addition, even if it isn’t a full-on legendary.

Gift Wrap Bastion Overwatch

8. Gift Wrap Bastion

Gift Wrap Bastion is an adorable skin. It’s only an epic, however, so it’s not drastically different from the robot’s normal look. It’s a novel idea and it works well for this transforming Omnic. He looks good in the red and green colors and surely even better when he’s on your team, waving back at you. This is an easy purchase if you don’t get it in a random loot box.

Winter Ashe Overwatch

7. Winter Ashe

Winter Ashe is cool. I’m sorry for the pun. I like the blue hair she has and the blue color scheme. Ashe looks great in blue–it’s why I bought her Dallas Fuel skin. It’s new for a fresh hero to get a skin this quickly. I’m sure she’ll get a legendary soon enough, but this one will do for now.

Krampus Junkrat Overwatch

6. Krampus Junkrat

Junkrat fans will likely adore this skin. Blizzard gave our twitchy, explosive friend horns, long ears, and a beard. He might even be hot, depending on what you like, and not just for his molten-looking RIP-Tire.

It’s just not enough. The red and white winter attire is good, but it doesn’t change Junkrat enough for me. My irritation from playing against Junkrats outweighs the quality of the skin here. The fact that he has a new one means that’s going to become that much more common. It’s good, but I could live without it.

Arctic Fox Lucio

5. Arctic Fox Lucio

Lucio has ears! They gave him fox ears and white hair! This skin is playfully cute and is a big departure from the look that Lucio usually gets in his skins. There’s generally not a lot of white skins in the game, so the fact that we get one as a legendary  for a commonly played character is rad. This is a good skin that’s worthy of hunting loot boxes for.

Snowboarder Zarya Overwatch

4. Snowboarder Zarya

Zarya looks so warm in this skin. She has a teddy bear hat and a white puff for a tail. This skin is peak Zarya and I need it. It’s also pink — another color that’s rarely represented in the game. This skin is why it’s so hard for me to ever purchase her golden weapon variant. You give me a gigantic pink gun and I can’t not use it, Blizzard. My Zarya play time is about to rocket up.

Biathlon Widowmaker

3. Biathlon Widowmaker

Blizzard gave Widowmaker a hat, goggles, and a pink outfit. I… agree. She, like Zarya, looks warm. It’s more of a sporty skin, but it screams winter regardless. Plus, competing in a Biathlon means shooting rifles and skiing and we know from the lore (not my gameplay) that Widowmaker is good at one of those things. If she could also ski or had skis this skin would be better, but I’ll take it as it is.

Figure Skater Symmetra

2. Figure Skater Symmetra

Imagine a line of “okay hand” emojis, because that’s how I feel about this skin. Symmetra is a queen and she looks good in everything. So, obviously, this Figure Skater skin is an instant buy for me. It’s also full of green accents and looks so light and wistful. It’s a skin that will look perfect when she appears on your screen for Play of the Game, while she melts four people with her gun. It’s sassy and it’s strong. Symmetra’s character is all about making a statement and this skin understands that.

Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy

1. Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy

Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy has elf ears, fairy wings, and cute green hair. This skin won Winter Wonderland 2018 as soon as they announced it last week. It’s the skin many fan artists have drawn since the game released. Everyone wanted fairy Mercy and here she is!

There’s only one downside: her wings are still yellow. The color clashes with the purple, pink, and green outfit, but I can deal with it. Mercy players fly around the map and now they can do it with actual, butterfly-like wings. What more could you ask for?

The Winter Wonderland 2018 skins look fantastic and do a lot to make up for the lack of any new Arcade mode. Let’s hope that next year brings even more creative skins to the cast or at least gives someone full-on fox ears or reindeer antlers.