7 Games to Play When You’re Completely Shattered on New Year’s Day

As the last hurrah of a busy, exhausting couple months, it’s understandable that many of us choose to let loose on New Year’s Eve. We have high expectations for this holiday; a fun, wild party and a kiss at midnight to usher in a new year. This, we tell ourselves, will be the year when we’ll finally get it together.  

But inevitably we’ll end up in a crusty bar bathroom holding a roommate’s hair and consoling her as she sobs about her poly sweetheart showing up to the dance night with their other partner. Not that I’m speaking from experience.

Whether you’re tired, emotionally drained or actually hungover, it’s often hard to get out of bed on New Year’s Day. And if you don’t have to work, then why fight it? I’ve compiled this list of games, most of which you can play in bed. These games are all easy to play, cheery, and not in first person — since that perspective can make some people nauseous, which is the last thing you need after a late night out.

So have some fried chicken and soda delivered, take four ibuprofen and chug a quart of water — let’s recover and face 2020 with some good healing games.


1. Viridi

With appealing angular graphics, this no-pressure phone & desktop game is simple and soothing. All you have to do is water succulents, which is something that’s manageable even with a pounding headache. Plus, it features a very cute snail.

Tomodachi Life

2. Tomodachi Life

Look, you may not be able to take care of yourself today, but at least you can feed and entertain the goobers who live in your apartment building. And if you feel too sick to eat, the constant repetition of handing out croquettes and loco moko to your Miis will probably stimulate your appetite.

Goat Simulator

3. Goat Simulator

I’m a little hesitant to include this one because it’s got a lot of movement in it, but mindless destruction can be so satisfying. When I was a drinker I found that some alcohol, usually tequila or whiskey, made me want to yell and pick fights. Goat Simulator is a good way to mop up any residual rage from the night before.

More Like This:

Wholesome Cats

4. Wholesome Cats

This extremely cute and accurately named itch.io game is playable in your browser. The simple, appealing design and turn-based gameplay won’t tax your hungover brain and its charm might help pull you out of an emotional low.

Puzzle Bobble

5. Literally Any Puzzle Bobble Clone

It’s just bubbles. You got this.

Two Dots

6. Two Dots

A puzzle phone game that’s well-designed, brightly colored and engrossing enough to distract you from any hangover symptoms! It’s perfect for playing while half paying attention to a movie or TV show.

Stones of Solace

7. Stones of Solace

Look, it’s been a rough year. And now it’s the first day of 2020, and you’re feeling the aftereffects of the year as well as the previous night’s antics. So take a moment while you’re laying in bed to build a little shrine and set your intentions for the next twelve months. It won’t necessarily make you feel better physically, but it’s probably good for your soul.