Every Leon S. Kennedy, Ranked by ‘Does He Look like He’s on “Supernatural” Right Now’

By the time you read this, that new Resident Evil 2 rebuild is either out, or will be in a matter of hours. Our reviewer thinks it’s pretty dang good, calling it a “masterclass in remakes” and giving it a solid nine out of 10. I personally am pretty excited for the return of rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy, who has always been my second-favorite Resident Evil protagonist. (Jill and I are married.)

Of course, over the 20-plus years of his existence, Leon has gone through numerous permutations, from his humble origins in 1998’s Resident Evil 2, all the way through 2017’s animated feature film Resident Evil: Vendetta. And in every appearance, despite looking more or less like himself, Leon will also sometimes look like he’s straight out of rehearsal for Supernatural on The CW.

What follows is a definitive list of all canon, mainline iterations of rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy, ranked by how much he looks like he’s on Supernatural right now.

#08: Leon in Resident Evil 2 (1998)

Seen here in the opening cinematic for the original Resident Evil 2, Leon looks more like a character from Reboot than Supernatural. A lot of that has to do with the nascent state of computer graphics in 1998, but also, consider the shoulder pads. Would anyone on Supernatural be caught dead in shoulder pads? I think not.

#07: Leon in Resident Evil : The Darkside Chronicles

For everyone that didn’t own a Wii, Darkside Chronicles was an on-rails shooter exclusive to Nintendo’s waggle-based console. It was, uh, well it was certainly different — let’s just say that Resident Evil 4‘s initial exclusivity was a much bigger brag for Gamecube owners than this thing was for Wii owners.

Regardless, Leon definitely looks like he could be on The CW in this game, but not really Supernatural. He’s way too baby faced and kissable, but not in the same way that Sam Winchester was in the first few seasons where it made you wanna punch him. This Leon is too dang pretty.

#06: Leon in Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Alright, alright, now we’re gettin’ somewhere! This Leon isn’t ready to star in Supernatural, but he could definitely be a stand in or stunt double for Sam. He could maybe even handle Dean’s shots too, what with that chin, but he’ll need some time in H&M first. There’s no stubble here either, since RE2‘s Leon was trying to look professional for his first day on the job. Still, he’s on set.

#05: Leon in Resident Evil 4

From a looks standpoint, Resident Evil 4‘s Leon is pretty much in the same boat as his younger version from the remake — although, Leon’s face is demonstrably more nose focused in RE4. The real difference here is experience.

By this point in the story, Leon is a rookie cop no longer, and is instead a confident man of action, capable of thinking on his feet and staying cool in dangerous situations. This is a Leon that you can trust with your life, so while this Leon may not look any more or less like he’s on Supernatural right now, he definitely feels that way.

#04: Leon in Resident Evil: Degeneration

While Hollywood was putting Leeloo Dallas on a motorcycle and calling it Resident Evil, Capcom and Sony Pictures were over in Japan making their own movies, with characters and themes that people might actually recognize from the series. Resident Evil: Degeneration was the first of these Leon-based films, and in my opinion, this is the first true instance of Leon lookin’ like he’s on Supernatural right now.

That’s a Winchester if I’ve ever seen one. Maybe not Sam or Dean specifically, but definitely part of the family. Maybe Sam and Dean accidentally get fused into one person or something. Whatever the reason, this Leon definitely looks like he’s on Supernatural right now.

#03: Leon in Resident Evil 6

The situation isn’t as simple as that, however. Leon in Resident Evil: Degeneration may look like he’s on Supernatural right now, but he’s merely at 60 percent on the Winchester scale. Leon in RE:D is a hastily constructed Halloween costume compared to Leon in Resident Evil 6, who undeniably looks like he’s on Supernatural right now. If Sam Winchester had a baby with Mads Mikkelsen, and that baby grew up to star in Supernatural: The Next Generation, it’d be this version of Leon S. Kennedy.

#02: Leon in Resident Evil: Damnation

It might be the slightly longer hair, or the scowl, or the new jawline from those face-widening classes, but Leon in Resident Evil: Damnation almost achieves peak Supernatural. When compared to the earlier entries on this list, one may think that Leon S. Kennedy could not possibly look like he’s on Supernatural right now any more than he does here. And that would be true, were in not for Resident Evil: Vendetta.

#01: Leon in Resident Evil: Vendetta

Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil: Vendetta looks like he just dipped a silver knife in lamb’s blood — like he knows the exact difference between a werewolf and a skinwalker. He looks like he just shot a wendigo with a flare gun. Leon looks like he sleeps next to a cross and the keys to a 1967 Chevrolet Impala.

Dude looks like he knows it ain’t gonna be as simple as salting this grave. This guy looks like he lead a normal, fulfilling life while he thought Clair Redfield was trapped in Hell for eternity, only to have it all ripped away upon her return.

My guy looks like just got his butt grabbed by a saucy fortune teller lady with no eyeballs. Dude looks like he about to be wicked manipulated by some lady who wants to unlock his latent psychic powers out of the goodness of her heart only. Leon looks like he’s on Supernatural right now, y’all.