Every Fatality in the New Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer, Ranked

This post contains graphic depictions of extreme violence and detailed discussions of that violence. It’s totally okay if you wanna skip this post. Take care of yourself, okay?

As part of yesterday’s big Mortal Kombat 11 detail dump, Netherrealm Studios put out a supercut showcasing 10 fatalities from Ed Boon’s forthcoming murder festival. What follows is a definitive, scientific ranking of said fatalities, based on the information provided in the trailer.

Now, these are likely just glimpses of fatalities, rather than full sequences, so keep that in mind. A fatality that ranks low on this last may rank much higher once the game is out on April 23. Some of these clips might even be different sections of the same fatality — we’ll just have to see how the bone structure crumbles when all is said and done. For now though, onto the excess!

#10: Dark Raiden’s Pike Spike

A good, solid foundation for a fatality, wherein Dark Raiden launches his opponent into the air and impales them on an electrified spear. While elegant, it does lack the spectacle and absurdity of everything else on this list, which is why it ranks at the bottom. Still, an excellent appetizer.

#09: Sonya’s Heart Exploder

As one of the non-powered members of the Mortal Kombat cast, Sonya’s fatalities have always been a bit more restrained that most of the roster. Still, this first attack shows good use of her strong points — a shattered knee and broken jaw lead into a pulse-powered punch to the sternum, which causes Scorpion’s heart to explode out of his back in a shower viscera.

The escalation of brutality works well here, though one does wonder how much use Scorpion actually got out of his heart, since he’s already dead and everything. Regardless, there’s no denying that punching someone’s heart through their body is totally rad.

#08: Sonya’s Helicopter Party

Not as rad as throwing someone into the blades of a flying helicopter, of course. Any ol’ jerk could throw someone into the spinning blades of a grounded helicopter, but Sonya goes the extra mile here by shooting Baraka far into the sky, where a waiting helicopter makes quick work of his spiky body.

Not only does this amp up the showmanship of this fatality, but it also saves time and fuel, since the helicopter doesn’t have to land.

#07: Sub-Zero’s BOGO Decapitation Smash

Sub-Zero really brings the value with this fatality. Not only does he decapitate his arch rival Scorpion with a giant headsman’s axe made of ice, but he also freezes the decapitated head and punches it into shards. Back in my day, either one of those things would have been enough for a totally kick-ass fatality, but Sub-Zero is here to say no, you deserve both. And you know what? I appreciate it. Good lookin’ out, SZ.

#06: Scoprion’s Roundhouse Decapitation Mouth Spike

Scorpion obviously developed this fatality in response to Sub-Zero’s BOGO Decapitation Smash, which proves that competition encourages innovation on the fatality free market.

After slicing Sub-Zero’s head clean from his body, Scorpion lands a sold roundhouse kick on the head while it’s in mid-air, and then shoots his trademark chain kunai through the back of Sub-Zero’s dome, and out the front of his mouth. It’s gross, it’s ridiculous — really exemplary work here from Scorpion.

#05: Scarlet’s Bloodsicle Bonanza

Though arguably less of a whole thing than Scoprion’s Roundhouse Decapitation Mouth Spike, Scarlet’s Bloodsicle Bonanza is one of those existentially screwed up fatalities, which I’ve always been a big fan of.

It’d be one thing if Scarlet was just driving enormous spikes through your body, but it’s another thing entirely when said spikes are made from your own blood, which she magically pulled from your mouth and eyes just seconds before. That’s like, bordering on body horror. It’s almost forced auto-cannibalism. Yikes. Yikes.

#04: Scarlet’s Evisceration Scythe

This one is mostly a variation on the previous fatality’s theme, in that Scarlet is still using the opponent’s blood to form a giant weapon, with which she brutally murders them. However! One little detail makes this attack much more brutal in my eyes.

As Scarlet pulls her dagger upwards and through her opponent’s abdomen — not unlike how one would gut a fish — her face lights up with this carnal, eager expression that really catapults the whole thing to the next level of messed up. Pulling Scorpion’s bloody mess out of the air and turning it into a scythe is really just icing on the cake.

#03: Scorpion’s Red-Hot Chain Split

He’s already got an indestructible chain, he’s already got a bottomless font of hellfire, why not combine the two for fun and profit? After spearing a mirror version of himself in the stomach with his kunai, Scorpion does a totally sweet flip over his opponent, then dives into hell and pulls the chain back through Other Scorpion’s legs.

The chain, now red hot from the fires of hell, cleanly splits his enemy in two like a hot knife through butter, cauterizing both raw halves in the process. Scorpion could have easily cut this person in half with his katana, but instead he made ingenious use of his other tools, and for that he wins big points.

#02: Sub-Zero’s Rip-Roarin’ Good Time

It’s not a Mortal Kombat game if Sub-Zero doesn’t rip somebody’s spine out, and Mortal Kombat 11 looks like it’ll deliver one of the best versions on record of this classic fatality.

After Sub-Zero has impaled Scorpion upside-down on the spear of one of his ice clones, he punches into Scorp’s stomach, grabs his spine and gives it a solid yank downwards, ripping it and Scorpion’s head clear from his body. Then, just for good measure, SZ slams that noggin right down onto the end of the spear, like he’s spiking the ball after a touchdown at the Superbowl — you can even see Scoprion’s eyeball fly out. It’s completely unnecessary, which is why it’s #2 on this list.

#01: Baraka’s Revoked Esthetician License

The number one fatality on our list really speaks for itself, I think. This is maybe the grossest thing I’ve ever seen in one of these games. Just really, completely disgusting in every way.