Destiny 2 Eververse Items – The Best Cosmetics in Season Five

Can you feel that chill in the air, Guardians? Winter is nearly here, and so is a new season in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Season five kicked off yesterday, a week before the new Black Armory content drop, and with it came a slew of new unlockable cosmetics for the in-game Eververse store.

There’s a ton of cool new gear and many ways to show off your Guardian, with everything from shaders and Ghost shells to ships and armor ornaments. There’s so much to look forward to that we’ve helped narrow it down with seven of the coolest new Eververse items to hunt for this season.

You can buy Silver and increase your odds at unlocking an item through a Bright Engram, wait for it to go on sale directly for Bright Dust, or play the game and unlock Engrams through XP (assuming you’ve reached the level cap). Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to land yourself these sweet cosmetics.

Here are just some of the best items to lust after.

Destiny 2 Cosmetic

7. Neon Helix Shell

Season five’s Eververse store offers four new Exotic Ghost shells, but none are cooler-looking than this: the Neon Helix Shell. The inner linings of the shell glow with a neon hue and flow outward from the eye of the Ghost in a very awesome technicolor display.

Destiny 2 Cosmetic

6. Ada-1’s Lone Wolf

While we don’t know much about Black Armory’s Ada-1 yet, we do get access to her ship, and it’s bad-ass. It features a default black, blue, and silver color scheme, and comes equipped with the Black Armory’s logo as well. This one looks ready for business.

Destiny 2 Cosmetic

5. Calus’s Promise

Forget season five. This is one of the sexiest Exotic ornaments ever. It’s too bad that it was used on such a lackluster weapon. Calus’s Promise is a skin for the Skyburner’s Oath Exotic scout rifle, and it immediately ups the gun’s sex appeal tenfold.

Destiny 2 Cosmetic

4. Burnout

It looks like Bungie found a ride for Johnny Blaze, a.k.a. Ghost Rider, to lust after in the new season. This Exotic sparrow looks like a cross between a Star Wars swoop bike and a flaming motorcycle. It even looks like it’s tethered together by the Marvel character’s trademark chains. That’s probably not a coincidence…

Destiny 2 Cosmetic

3. Salute to the Colonel

All Forsaken players know that Cayde-6 was a casualty of the campaign. However, many players often forget about his friend and chicken, The Colonel. The friendly bird now hangs out in the hangar in the Tower where Cayde used to be stationed. Bungie has further immortalized it with this ornament for Cayde’s own weapon, Ace of Spades.

Rest well, Cayde. And avoid the fryer, Colonel.

Destiny 2 Cosmetic

2. Tangled Paladin

Easily one of the coolest new ornaments, this new skin for the Black Talon Exotic sword is a beauty.

1. Let’s Chat

“So… You made the entire Raid team wipe again.”

This emote is fantastic. Like many emotes, it’s clearly inspired by a piece of popular culture. Specifically, it’s a callback to the most meme-able moment in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, when it was revealed that post-freeze Captain America was used to teach kids about things like detention, puberty, and more. The gif of Cap pulling up a chair and sitting down became a meme earlier this year, and Bungie did what it does best: turned a meme into an in-game emote, albeit a few months tardy.