Cookie Run: Kingdom — All Shroomie Transformations, Ranked

Touch fuzzy, get dizzy.

April Fool’s has come to Cookie Run: Kingdom! The normally atrocious holiday has kicked off my favorite video game event in recent memory: Shroomie Shenanigans. Poison Mushroom Cookie will grant you Rainbow Mushrooms if you complete missions for him, which you can then feed to your cookies to transform them. These transformations range from pretty gijinkas, to in-jokes, to… God knows what.

There are 68 cookies to transform and only a week left to complete those missions, so you may not be able to get everyone. With the help of my Guild (shoutouts Bestpriends), I’ve collected and ranked all 68 Cookie Run: Kingdom Shroomie Transformations to help you prioritize.

All Cookie Run: Kingdom Shroomie Shenanigans Transformations

D Tier

Mala Sauce: Self-explanatory.

Gumball: A slightly cuter version of Mala Sauce’s.

Pomegranate: Otaku representation? Hm.

Parfait: Same as above.

Cherry: Stop.

Wizard: Whatever.

Strawberry: WHATEVER.

Moon Rabbit: I honestly can’t tell what I’m looking at.

Lilac: I’m not sure what it is about this one, actually. It just has really bad vibes.

Latte: Making my favorite cookie this bland during an April Fool’s event should be a crime.

Strawberry Crepe: They’re already intentionally a very annoying character, so giving them such a punchable face is not my favorite.

Beet: ASCII art hurts my eyes; your mileage may vary.

C Tier

Avocado: Meh.

Cocoa: The capelet can stay. That’s about it.

Caramel Arrow: Caramel has some of the coolest hair in the game, so not going wild on that is a disappointment.

Blackberry: It’s fine.

Mint Choco: Bro, you’re getting overshadowed by your violin…

Tea Knight: Huh?

Cream Puff: Go back to your own game, Paimon!

Affogato: Affogat-about this one (WOOOOOOOO).

Pancake: It’s cute! It’s cute.

Chili Pepper: Good bit, but we could’ve gone further.

Pure Vanilla: I don’t get the joke here too much, nor do I love the human version of PV on this coin. But the art is neat!

Herb: Herb getting got by a Cookievorous Plant is a good bit, especially after helping him rescue one, but I wish it had some new art instead of the in-game asset.

GingerBrave: Not sure how it suits his character at all, but he’s pretty cute. Should’ve gone the “sports anime protagonist” angle, though.

B Tier

Twizzly Gummy: A tough one since her regular design is so cool, fun, and colorful. This is great art, but it still doesn’t compare.

Princess & Knight: The dramatic shading and intense eyes elevate these, but they’re just nice key art at the end of the day.

Clover: Coming for Venti’s gig with a better hat is a recipe for success.

PPC: She looks good, but this is a pretty straightforward humanization kinda thing. So, eh.

Frost Queen: Yeah, it’s pretty! I dunno! Something else, something else.

Muscle: He’s… beautiful.

Madeleine: Thanks, I hate it.

Snow Sugar: I don’t know this meme, but the concentrated joy on their face and the duckies are enough for me.

Mango: Simply very cute.

Custard: Sweet little storybook prince.

Onion: Don’t look at me, I’ll cry.

Alchemist & Vampire: Roleswapping the siblings is a really fun idea, and their art is adorable.

Adventurer: He’s such a nothing character that making his special art so charming is really quite impressive.

Carrot: ._.b

Black Raisin: Blackfire was one of the most entertaining parts of Teen Titans, and Black Raisin would serve that to us.

Cotton: Look at my OP daughter. Extra points for sheep.

Fig: If they hadn’t shown this one during the April Fool’s trailer, I’m convinced I would’ve screamed. But they did. So here we are.

Licorice: Extremely cute. Love that his ribcage is a pretzel.

Poison Mushroom: He go “(> 囗<)!” Looks like a Pokemon card.


Pastry: Pretty, but mostly it gets a lot of lesbian points from me for being a shoujo nun.

Eclair: What a handsome young man!

Purple Yam: Daddy? Sorry. Daddy? Sorry.

Ninja: I’m not even a weeb and I got hype as hell when I unlocked this. The linework! The shadows!

Hollyberry: Let Hollyberry be fat. Beautiful art, though!

A Tier

Red Velvet: Him…

Sparkling: They could’ve easily just made Sparkling Cookie a beautiful twink and called it a day, but they went the extra mile to make him look silly, too. That’s the difference between swiping left and swiping right.

Rye: Obsessed with this art style. Exactly what you’d want for Rye Cookie.

Kumiho: I just think that if I don’t put Kumiho in at least A Tier something bad will happen to me.

Squid Ink: Same as above. But Squink’s is more fun.

Dark Cacao: I see a Sugar Gnome, I hit like.

Almond: I may hate Almond for being a cop who attracts the weirdest people on the internet, but even I have to admit this is beautifully done and perfect for his character. A noir look always hits.

Dark Choco: Jesus Christ.

Raspberry: She’s Utena! Fuck you.

Milk: He is the milkman, his milk is delicious. The added gag with Dark Choco — and the inherent power of the emo/sunshine dynamic — pushes this very high.

Sorbet Shark: Ah

Sea Fairy: My lesbian queen gets the 90s shoujo makeover she deserves. Could’ve been S if the sword was cooler.

S Tier

Angel & Devil: I screamed out loud in a combination of shock, terror, and awe when I saw these. In that moment, the fear of God struck me — just like these cookies would’ve wanted.

Werewolf: fjdklsafjksajfdlsfjla;

Espresso: He devoured this.