The Best Fortnite Skins – Fortnite Skins Ranked

There are hundreds—okay maybe a hundred and something—Fortnite skins out there and fans will deliberate over which are the best until the end of time. “Your skin sucks, my skin’s awesome,” and all that. But there’s never been a consensus, until now. We’ve compiled the scientifically definitive list of the best Fortnite skins ever. This is in no way a joke list, or marred with untrustworthy subjectivity and opinion. It’s the end of this discussion for the rest of time—or at least until the next patch drops.

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10. Brite Bomber

Everyone loves Brite Bomber. What’s not to like? She’s colorful, rare—almost never on sale—and even has a weird love interest backstory with Drift through the Fortnite loading screens.

We’re serious. They hang out and go golfing, visit the go-kart track, swim together, visit the dinosaur statues outside of Paradise Palms, head to a movie at Risky Reels, stop by the motel, have a tomato fight at Tomato Temple, and check out what the heck was going on with the cube. And then Brite Bomber went and got corrupted, leading to the creation of Dark Bomber.

No matter what you might think about the skin itself, Epic actually gave her some good depth last season!

9. PANDA Team Leader

PANDA Team Leader, Cuddle Team Leader, Fireworks Team Leader. Fortnite players around the world just adore re-skins of base appearances and the fact that they’re all Epic rarity or higher.

8. The Reaper

C’mon. It’s John Wick.

7. Spider Knight

We like these skins because they distinctly fit the current Halloween season, but don’t scream “These are Halloween skins!” That keeps us from feeling too awkward about wearing them once we get deep into the holiday season.

Not to mention, just look at that helmet!

6. Sky Stalker

When it first came out Sky Stalker really caught my eye. At the time it distinctly stood out from the rest of the offerings with both its color palette and 1900s influence.

5. Raven

Raven really set our expectations for Legendary skins going forward. It was leaps and bounds better than anything else released up to that point and almost certainly proved that folks would bite for a good skin at that price point.

4. Valkyrie

Season 5’s Ragnarok is cool and all, but Valkyrie completely overshadows it with her glider and awesome loading screen.

3. Rex

What Raven did for seriously awesome skins, Rex did for the fun and goofy ones. Our boy the Beef Boss would not have been possible if Epic didn’t know fans would latch onto the sillier skins.

fortnite giddy-up loading screen

2. Giddy-Up

Giddy-Up is the penultimate Fortnite skin. You’re a basic character model so everyone will underestimate you and you can tear them apart. It’s the first-ever skin to feature Fortnite‘s iconic llama, which adds at least 1000 points to its coolness factor. At first glance, you’re even riding the darn thing. And to top that off it even has it’s own emote! How can you argue with that? This is an exquisite skin for all Fortnite aficionados out there.

Do your dance! Gloat! Have the llama spew colorful confetti onto your downed enemies as they ask why you won’t just eliminate them already!

1. Omega

Omega is the best Fortnite skin out there. Not only does it look cool and cyber-y, it’s a symbol of what made Fortnite into what it is today. Season 4 was a huge step forward for the game in many ways. The rush to unlock every progression reward (including this skin) changed how players viewed the game itself. For months on end it was the topic of discussion across social media as folks bragged about their accomplishments and the struggle to reach level 80.

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