All 5 Mega Bomberman Egg Kangaroos, Ranked

Please do not explode the eggs.

It’s Egg Week here at Fanbyte; a miraculous time where we each, in our own way, celebrate the indelible egg and all the blessings it has given us in our daily lives. And if you thought I wouldn’t use that as an excuse to talk about Bomberman, you obviously haven’t been paying attention! The Bomberman series is chock full of big, bright, colorful eggs, and I’m here to break down (not open!) the very first batch of eggs to appear in the late Hudson’s flagship franchise.

Known to most in the west as Mega Bomberman on the Sega Genesis, the PC Engine’s Bomberman ’94 introduced “Louies” (or “Rooies,” depending on the translation) to the bomb-based puzzle/action series. When destroying blocks in a level, Bomberman can occasionally find an egg, which, when touched, hatches into a colorful kangaroo-esque Louie for Bomberman to ride. Each color of Louie has its own unique ability, and by measuring the usefulness of said ability against how cute I think that particular Louie is, I’ve created this definitive ranking of all five Bomberman ’94 egg kangaroos.

#5: Yellow Louie

As shown here, the yellow Louie can kick blocks around the level, moving them out of Bomberman’s way, or into the path of an enemy. This is pretty useless, as Bomberman is better served by exploding blocks that are in his way, since they might contain power-ups. Likewise, enemies are better blocked by bombs, which at best will explode the enemy, and at worst will cause them to reverse direction. A block can only cause them to reverse direction, thus making it an inferior blocking tool. The yellow Louie is still better than no Louie at all, since it’s cute and will absorb one hit for Bomberman before disappearing, but since all Louies meet that baseline, it’s not hugely impressive.

#4: Purple Louie

The purple Louie can hop over blocks, thanks to its incredibly powerful and colorful thighs. This can save time when working through a level, as it allows Bomberman to bomb structures from the inside out, instead of having to work from one side to another. It also gives Bomberman a useful escape ability when cornered by an enemy, or when accidentally blocked in by one of his own bombs. Also, I really enjoy the instruction manual illustration above, which makes it look like the Louie tooted itself over the block.

#3: Blue Louie

Arguably the most useful of the original Louie bunch, the blue Louie kicks bombs over blocks, allowing Bomberman to attack deeper parts of the map much earlier than normal. When kicked, bombs will rest in the first open space they land in, but will infinitely bounce across blocks in order to find an open space. This means that a Bomberman on a blue Louie can destroy difficult enemies without releasing them from their enclosures, while also keeping himself/the Louie out of danger.

#2: Pink Louie

The pink Louie has no combat or puzzle solving abilities, but it does dance when you hold down the C button. It’s practically too cute to handle, and the only real drawback is how sad you feel when it inevitably takes a bullet for Bomberman. Just look at him little feetsies.

#1: Green Louie

Of all the OG Bomberman egg kangaroos, the green Louie is undeniably the coolest. Its light-speed dash technique instantly zips Bomberman as far as possible in any given direction, leaving behind a Tron-esque motion blur in the shape of an electrified kangaroo, complete with a totally kick-ass 16-bit “SHPEWWW~!” sound effect. It may not dance like the pink one, or be quite as useful as the blue one, but as a wee babe I was always the most excited to get the green one. The green one never lasted very long, unfortunately, as my youthful exuberance inevitably caused me to zip-dash my way right into a monster, killing the green Louie instantly. But dang, for the 13 seconds it was alive, it was awesome.