8 Items from Other Games That Should Be in Fortnite

This morning’s Fortnite patch put the Infinity Blade from Infinity Blade into Battle Royale mode, which is weird on it’s own, but Epic also de-listed all of the Infinity Blade games at the same time.

Epic said that maintaining the Infinity Blade series has “become increasingly difficult for our team to support … at a level that meets our standards,” and that it wants to instead focus on its upcoming game Spyjinx and “other projects,” before closing the post out with a trailer for Season 7 of Fortnite Battle Royale.

So that’s real weird! But it got me thinking, what items from other games would make for interesting additions to Battle Royale? Here are some ideas of varying feasibility:

Super Mushroom (Super Mario Bros. Series)

For the lucky player that opens Toad’s chest, a Super Mushroom is the reward. Consuming the mushroom would double the player’s size, health pool, and shield reserves, and would also enable a special Butt Stomp attack, which would break structures and damage players. As an added bonus, Epic could slap a big ol’ Mario mustache on the player for good measure.

Mega Buster (Mega Man Series)

Mega Man’s Mega Buster could be a limited-time weapon contained in special Energy Tanks, which would drop onto the Battle Royale island from Rush-themed supply drops. I envision the Mega Buster having unlimited ammo with an overheating mechanic, similar to Battle Royale’s mounted turrets and biplanes.

Having the Mega Buster in your inventory would put Mega Man’s iconic helmet on your character, letting other players know that you’re packing futuristic heat, even when using other guns. And of course, when someone holding a Mega Buster is eliminated, they explode into a radiating pattern of circles.

Rooeys (Bomberman Series)

These kangaroo-ish buddies from the Bomberman series would make incredible vehicles for a special event in Fortnite Battle Royale. Originally introduced in Bomberman ’94/Mega Bomberman, each of the five different Rooeys has a special ability that can be utilized by the rider, based on their color. Green Rooeys, for instance, can dash at super speed, while Pink Rooeys do a cute little dance.

In Fortnite, players would acquire a Rooey by breaking open one of their eggs, which would randomly spawn around the island like supply llamas. Each color of Rooey from ’94/Mega would be represented, though some abilities would have to be adapted to make sense in Fortnite. The Yellow Rooey, which kicks blocks in Bomberman, could instead deal huge damage to structures with its powerful legs.

Dubstep Gun (Saint’s Row Series)

Alright, so Saint’s Row doesn’t really exist anymore, but neither does Infinity Blade, so who cares? As the standout weapon in Saint’s Row IV, the Dubstep Gun shot powerful musical lasers in time with its pulse-pounding beats, of which there were three to choose from.

Similar to the Mega Buster, Fortnite‘s version would work on an overheat/cooldown ammo system, but would otherwise be the exact same gun as in Saint’s Row IV. It would even make nearby players and vehicles dance. Overpowered? Absolutely, but that’s the whole point.

Overwatch Weapons

Epic and Blizzard are in direct competition in the online multiplayer shooter space, but who said late capitalism doesn’t have room for some jolly cooperation? (Me, I’m saying that. This will never happen.)

Wouldn’t it be rad though, if Blizzard and Epic called a truce long enough to make Fortnite‘s Battle Royale weapons look like their Overwatch equivalents? Heavy Sniper Rifles could be replaced with Widowmaker’s “Widow’s Kiss” rifle, and Heavy Shotguns could be changed into Reaper’s “Hellfire” shotguns. There’d be no difference from a mechanical perspective of course, the whole thing would just be for funsies. Can’t things just be for funsies anymore? Epic? Blizzard??

Power Pellets (Pac-Man Series)

Straight up just turn the player into Pac-Man and let them chomp other players for a limited period of time. Players would know that a Pac-Man was on the island through a change in music, and from the fact that they’d all been turned into blue ghosts with guns. To keep things fair, blue ghosts can still fire weapons, and while Pac-Man does have an increased HP/Shield pool, he’s not indestructible. Just be careful, getting chomped is instant death, just like in real life.

Chaos Emeralds (Sonic the Hedgehog Series)

For this event, seven Chaos Emeralds would be scattered around the island in random locations at the beginning of each match. Players must collect all seven to activate their “Super” state, either by finding the Emeralds on the island or by eliminating players that have an Emerald in their inventory. Once Super, the player is granted super speed, low-altitude flight and a wicked awesome golden aura.

Dragon Balls (Dragon Ball Series)

Acquiring the seven Dragon Balls would work similarly to the Chaos Emerald system outlined above, with a few important differences.

First, the player would get to select when and where to activate the Dragon Balls and summon Shenron, as opposed to the instant-activation system used by the Chaos Emeralds.

Secondly, the player that interacts with Shenron will be given their choice of four different wishes, of which Super form is an option. Summoning Shenron would darken the sky of the island and cause a huge storm, just like in Dragon Ball, and whoever gets their wish granted would have Goku hair for the rest of the match. Epic could even add Bulma’s Dragon Radar to chests and supply drops, in order to help players track down the Dragon Balls.