5 of the Weirdest, Most Charming Channels on Twitch

Often times in the gaming space being a little “weird” or “strange” means “possibly a Nazi with a cooking show” or “believes QAnon conspiracy theories.” Finding content that’s out of the ordinary can be difficult, even on a massive platform like Twitch. It’s out there though, and perusing the odd corners of the site can be incredibly rewarding. Here are five of the weirdest, most charming Twitch channels that each serve up their own brand of unusual content.

Jack Dire

1. Jack Dire 

Most days, Jack Dire streams a silent image of a jar of peanut butter in the Art or Music & Performing Arts categories. Occasionally a graphic of a bear will show up next to the peanut butter, and members of the chat spam BEAR to hunt the pesky creature. The successful hunter wins something in the mail, and the unsuccessful hunter is “killed” and banned from the stream. 

Dire is also the creator of various card games, including the popular SuperFight. He occasionally plays other games, like Animal Crossing or Dungeons and Dragons, but never played in a traditional way. The viewers love it, rolling with JackDire’s punches and picking up on the jokes fairly quickly. Rarely does anyone pop in with a “wtf is this”, because no one knows — and that’s part of the fun.

Perception Check

2. Perception Check

Perception Check features foul-mouthed puppets playing Dungeons and Dragons. Each episode is ridiculous, entertaining, and even oddly heart-warming at times. The show has been taking place over Zoom due to the pandemic, but normally all of Perception Studio’s shows are taped in their own studio space. The puppets are sassy, as all puppets should be, and are incredibly well crafted and acted. 

This isn’t Sesame Street, so despite the bright colors and human-to-puppet interactions, the shows are expressly not for children. The puppet actors don’t get too zany with their antics, as there are few muppet-style freakouts or catch-phrases to be had here. The idea here is that the puppets are just regular old (felted) friends and coworkers of their human counterparts. 

Mr ChanChan

3. MrChanChan

MrChanChan exploded onto the scene in June of this year with his enthusiastic raid celebrations, and since hitting partner status, his streams have only gotten more energetic. He puts together Lego on, he cooks, and he dances — a lot. His high energy streams are essentially all memes all the time, and he appears to be extremely in on the jokes, flailing, tossing his luxuriously long locks, and doing his unique “knee helicopter” dance on the carpeted floor.

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4. CritterVision

If you’re awake in the wee hours of the morning on the East Coast or getting ready for bed on the West, you’ll want to check out CritterVision. Located in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, it’s a static backyard camera featuring massive amounts of food for various critters to consume. At night, multiple families of giant racoons roam the area and fraternize with the inquisitive opossums. During the day, deer step delicately over the swarms of geese and squirrels to feast upon the corn and other vittles left outside. The wildlife sounds are very relaxing and the sights are awe-inspiring, especially for city-dwellers.

Adorable Stars

5. Adorable Stars

A lot has changed on the Internet over the past 25 years, but one thing has remained true: the Internet is for cats. That’s the appeal of Adorable Stars, a live stream that has very little in the way of production value. That’s fine, though, because a cat breeder stuck a camera in front of a box of very small kittens and the Internet lost its collective mind.

Unscientific research suggests this stream receives more BibleThump emotes than most other streams due to the sheer cuteness of its content. Just days old, the kittens spend most of their time feeding, being washed by their mom, and sleeping in piles. Currently the streams have hundreds of viewers, but when the kittens get old enough to start playing, those numbers will only go up. The Internet loves cats — that’s just a rule. The stars of the show rotate between litters, so the kittens you see today may be gone tomorrow (to return another day), but the cuteness remains the same.