5 Games from My Backlog That I’ll Definitely Get to in 2019

We are, every one of us, haunted by something. Ever present, it grows in the shadows and consumes our best intentions. The depth of its hunger knows no bounds. In silence, it grows fat, waiting.

The backlog.

But hey, maybe next year’ll be different! Right? I’m definitely, definitely going to get around to playing these games in 2019. Just because I couldn’t make time for them this year, that doesn’t mean I won’t somehow break the perpetual cycle of well-meaning negligence that produced this list in the first place. Change is possible in our lifetimes!


Originally released in February of 2017, this action-RPG has been described to me as “Samurai Dark Souls,” which places it firmly within my wheelhouse. It’s been on my Steam wishlist since November of last year, but in my defense I wasn’t gainfully employed until the latter half of this year. Surely, 2019 will be the year that I draw my katana from its sheath and slay an oni horde, right?

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

While this game has been in my backlog since April of last year, at least it hasn’t been there since the original version was released in 1989. A remake of Wonder Boy 3 for the Sega Master System, The Dragon’s Trap is a gorgeous, hand-animated adventure straight out of Saturday morning, and it’s actually a violation of several local and state ordinances that I haven’t played it yet. This year though, 2019 is gonna be the year!


I’ve been avoiding Stellaris for almost three years now, not because I’m afraid that I won’t like it, but because I’m worried I’ll like it, far, far too much. In my experience, other 4X games like Civilization 5 are part of a special genre that I like to call “time travel games,” by which I mean that playing them causes one to abruptly jump forward in time by about 12-16 hours.

If I start playing Stellaris in 2019, could I stop before 2020? Is it worth the risk?

Tesla vs Lovecraft

There’s nothing quite like a good twin-stick shooter to really clear out the sinuses, you know? I’ve been meaning to check out Tesla vs Lovecraft since it debuted in Early Access last holiday season, and considering that it’s $6 during the Steam sale, I don’t think I can justify putting it off any longer.

Yes, Tesla and Lovecraft are both a bit played at this point by internet meme standards, but I still have some affinity in my heart for weird gadgets and fish monsters. Besides, twin-stick shooters hardly exist anymore as a genre, and what better way is there to support the dying scene than by purchasing a game at a 60 percent discount more than a year after its release?


LIMBO was my favorite game of 2010, and waiting six years for the release of Playdead’s followup, Inside, was interminable. Unfortunately, I found myself disastrously unemployed when Inside finally did come out in 2016, and it’s been patiently waiting for me ever since. I’ve somehow managed to avoid spoilers in the interim, but how long can I dance upon the razor’s edge? Is it finally time to go … Inside?

What shameful vestiges of years past reside quietly in your backlog, dear reader? Let us know: