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100 Gaming Names Better Than the One Elon Musk and Grimes Gave Their Child

Not one of these is inferior to [beep boop robot noises].

It’s currently a wonderful time for the rights of children with names like Sasuke and Daenerys. Earlier this week, Elon Musk and Grimes had their first baby. Soon after the baby’s birth, they announced the baby’s name: X Æ A-12. It has its own complicated lore, which Grimes explains in this tweet (before getting a “well, actually” by Musk in the replies).

Ah, the “randomness” of rich people. If you want to know how to pronounce it, the first few minutes of the following video will help.

Unfortunately for the couple — and fortunately for their child — it’s extremely unlikely the baby’s legal name will be X Æ A-12. The baby was born in California, which is a state that only allows official names include the letters of the alphabet. As The Guardian reported in 2015, “no tilde (~), no accent grave (`), no umlaut (¨) and certainly no cedilla” are allowed. Hyphens and apostrophes are allowed, but no symbols like Æ. If common Latinx names like Ramón and José aren’t allowed on official documents, then it’s unlikely this name will be, too. Or, I mean, who knows at this point, since rich white people can do just about anything they want. We live in a society.

Therefore, odds are the pair will be looking for another name. Maybe they’ll want their baby’s name to be related to video games, which we all know are Sometimes Good; there are clearly no limits for the name, after all. Or maybe you, dear reader, are looking for a video game-related name for your upcoming baby, yourself. As we did with our list of 100 free PlayStation Network username ideas, we’re here to gladly help.

Below is a list of 100 gaming names that:

  • are better than the one Elon Musk and Grimes gave their child,
  • are easier to pronounce than X Æ A-12,
  • abide by more (current, as of the writing of this article) state laws, or
  • all of the above.

100 Gaming Names Better Than the One Elon Musk and Grimes Gave Their Child*

  1. Big Boss
  2. Cloud Strife
  3. The Illusive Man
  4. Ignis Stupeo Scientia
  5. Waluigi
  6. Tidus
  7. Cassandra Allegra Portia Calogera Filomena Pentaghast
  8. Exdeath
  9. Dick Gumshoe
  10. Sans Undertale
  11. GAY420GAY
  13. Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd Fire Emblem
  14. Wakka
  15. The Nameless One
  16. Xehanort
  17. Terra-Xehanort
  18. Master Xehanort
  19. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
  20. Xemnas
  21. Young Xehanort
  22. Riku-Ansem
  23. Lingering Will
  24. Ansem the Wise
  25. The Inquisitor
  26. Vincent Valentine
  27. Cream the Rabbit
  28. Sol Badguy
  29. Butz
  30. Lightning
  31. Vaan
  32. Red XIII
  33. Kadaj
  34. Loz
  35. Yazoo
  36. Cid Final Fantasy
  37. Quina
  38. Commander Shepard
  39. Quiet
  40. Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII
  41. Ezio Auditore De Firenze
  42. Handsome Jack
  43. Diddy Kong
  44. GLaDOS
  45. Agent 47
  46. Pikachu
  47. Megaman
  48. Yennefer of Vengerberg
  49. Geralt of Rivia
  50. Vault Boy
  51. Sonic the Hedgehog
  52. Solid Snake
  53. Mr. X
  54. Pyramid Head
  55. Sephiroth
  56. Link
  57. Sim (as in, like, a default sim from The Sims)
  58. (okay, fine) Bella Goth
  59. Princess Peach Toadstool
  60. Pac-Man
  61. Big Daddy
  62. Little Sister
  63. The Bloody Baron
  64. Emet-Selch
  65. Ganondorf
  66. Ghost
  67. Goose
  68. Mama
  69. Owlboy
  70. Elcor
  71. Paarthurnax
  72. Sam Porter Bridges
  73. Ratbag the Coward
  74. Shovel Knight
  75. Venom Snake
  76. Dr. Wily
  77. Voldo
  78. Kefka Palazzo
  79. Doctor Eggman
  80. Tingle
  81. X-11 Bloody Brad
  82. Miles Prower
  83. Marshall Law
  84. Pizza Pasta
  85. Deacon St. John
  86. Fox McCloud
  87. Max Payne
  88. Noob Saibot
  89. Hot Coldman
  90. Die-Hardman
  91. Deadman
  92. Heartman
  93. Fragile
  94. Vodka Drunkenski
  95. Jack Hard
  96. Ceaseless Discharge
  97. Duff McWhalen
  98. 2B
  99. 9S
  100. A2

*Although these names surely abide by more state laws than X Æ A-12, they do not necessarily abide by every state law, some of which are whack. Fanbyte ConglomCo Inc. takes no responsibility for whichever of these names inspires you for your own child — and that includes you: Elon Musk and Grimes. Usage of any of these names will be done at your own risk.

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