10 Things We’d Love to See in Fortnite Creative Mode

Fortnite‘s new Creative Mode is out now for anyone with a Battle Pass, and after tooling around with it for a couple hours I’m ready to declare that: it’s pretty fun. Put that on the back of the box, Epic.

At Epic’s own admission, Creative Mode is in a very early stage, and will no doubt be updated dozens of times over the next year. I’ve got some ideas for how Epic can improve it, and I hope you’ll agree with my suggestions. I’m not telling you to start a letter writing campaign or anything, but I’m not telling you to not do that either.

Multi-Item Selection Box

Creative Mode’s AR Phone lets users place and manipulate objects in the world, but only one at a time. It’d be wonderful if I could draw a box around a group of items and manipulate them all at once, similar to how one moves multiple shortcuts around a desktop. This would allow users to copy and paste custom creations made of multiple parts, and would also reduce the amount of time required to delete unneeded set pieces.

Ability to Spawn Specific Set Pieces

Right now, if you want to spawn a big stack of toilets, you also have to spawn in everything else in the set that contains the toilet. Not only does this take up a lot of room on the island, but it also produces a lot of clean up work, since items can only be deleted one at a time. I hope that Epic is working on a The Sims-esque inventory system that will allow users to create instances of specific items, rather than large sets of themed items.

Save the World Enemies

There’s not a whole lot in Fortnite that’s exclusive to Save the World, but it’d be rad if that stuff were included in Creative Mode. Specifically, being able to spawn in husks and mist monsters would really open the door to a lot of user-created game modes and experimentation. Granted, implementing AI-enabled objects on as many server shards as Creative Mode will undoubtedly consume would be no small order — Epic probably needs thousands of hours of real-world telemetry before something like that would be possible. We’re patient though, we can wait.

Improved Grid Snapping

Creative Mode allows you to toggle whether the items you place snap to grids of varying granularity — at least in theory. In practice, I’ve had a lot of trouble lining up objects that should be able to snap to each other with precision, based on the grid settings I was using. It doesn’t break the mode by any means, but I sincerely hope this functionality is cleaned up sooner rather than later, as it is sure to irk perfectionists.


C’mon Epic, gimme a color wheel. Pretty please? I promise I won’t break anything. I just want to make the entire island and everything on it alternating shades of baby-puke yellow and that kind of milky, off-green that wasabi is after you let the sushi fall out of your mouth because it is way, way too spicy.

Terrain Tools

This one is a real pie in the sky kind of request, I know. Tracking customized island models across (potentially) hundreds of thousands of unique instances would cause a huge amount of additional stress to Epic’s server-side computations and storage needs. But. Wouldn’t it be rad to make your own shady little frog pond? Or an obscene mountain? But mostly the first thing?

In-Match Skin Change

I would love the ability to change my enabled customization options without having to leave my island, fiddle with the main menu, and then load back into my instance. Not only would this be a nice creature comfort, but it would also be useful when folk want to coordinate their uniforms for team games. Sometimes you don’t know you want a whole squad of Beef Bosses to hunt one scared, helpless Tomatohead until you’re right there, you know?

Day/Night/Biome Options

The ability to move the sun wherever you want already exists in Fortnite‘s replay engine, but it would add a lot of opportunities to have the same functionality available in real time in Creative Mode. You could have a hide-and-seek game where players can freely change hiding places at night, or place objects so their shadows form the answer to a puzzle, but only at a certain time in the day/night cycle.

It’d also be awesome if players could choose between a regular, snowy, or desert aesthetic for their island — this would be especially helpful for Fortnite filmmakers, who would otherwise have to repurpose sections of the Battle Royale map with a vastly limited set of tools. Not that I would know anything about that.

Hold Click/Long Press to Place Multiple Copies

In its current form, Creative Mode requires a single mouse click for every instance of an item the player wants to place. When using items to draw something very large, or when trying to place rows and/or columns of items, this becomes very tiring and even a little painful. In a perfect world, holding down left click would continue to place instances of the object along the grid, similar to how building already works. Epic, you have the power to make this perfect world happen. Don’t waste it.

Synchronized Dances

Here’s how it’d work: Players in the instance all join the same team, as designated through the island options panel. Guest players then select their emotes, which are stored in a temporary queue and represented in-world as floating icons above their heads. When the host player chooses an emote, all of the queued emotes activate in time with the host’s, allowing me to finally get the shot I need for my Girls’ Generation x Fortnite machinima.