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What Time Does FFXIV Patch 6.5 Live Letter 79 Start?

It's gonna be a late one depending on where you live.

There's a new Live Letter coming for those who are interested in Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.5 content, but for those who live in the United States and even some parts of Europe, the broadcast will be coming at an odd time. Square Enix has set the Live Letter to actually be live, and will be broadcasted from the Tokyo Games Show.

Because the convention takes place in Japan, Final Fantasy XIV's 79th Live Letter will take place at an odd time for most other places in the world. Typically, the broadcast airs around 6am Eastern Time in the United States depending on Daylight Savings, but this time around, those living in the United States will have to either stay up or wake up for the Live Letter broadcast.

ffxiv patch 6.5
Image via Square Enix

What time is the FFXIV Live Letter 79?

The Letter from the Producers Live will take place on Sept. 23 at 11pm PT. For most other time zones, the Live Letter actually takes place on the 24th. Check below to see what time the broadcast will air in your time zone.

United States:

  • PDT: Saturday Sept. 23 at 11pm
  • CDT: Sunday Sept. 24 at 1am
  • EDT: Sunday Sept. 24 at 2am

Europe and Asia:

  • BST: Sunday Sept. 24 at 7am
  • CEST: Sunday Sept. 24 at 8am
  • JST: Sunday Sept. 24 at 3pm

Australia and New Zealand:

  • AEST: Sunday Sept. 24 at 4pm
  • NZST: Sunday Sept. 24 at 6pm

Patch 6.5 will be discussed in more detail in this broadcast, where developers will tell players more information about new story, Trials, Dungeons, side content, and more. This time around, Patch 6.5 is coming in two parts, with the first dropping in early October, and the second sometime after that. 

There is no official date yet for the patch to go live, but players will likely find out this information early in the Live Letter so they can mark their calendars and plan ahead for what they may need before Patch 6.5 drops.

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