Wordle Tips Guide – 13 Best Starting Words and First Guesses

What's the Wordle?

There are a few different ways to play Wordle. You could be like me and just type whatever first pops into your head to start. But if you’re trying to actually get those elusive second guess completions, you’re going to need a strategy.

One of the most common ways of improving is by using the most efficient words when you first start Wordle. (After all, it’s probably not a great idea to start the game with a word like “daddy.” That’s just not going to be useful.) In this guide, we highlight 13 of the best starting words and first guesses to get you rolling.

What is Wordle?

The goal in Wordle is to guess the day’s five-letter word. That’s it. After your first guess, the game will flip over each tile, letting you know just how close you were to being correct. Grey tiles are letters that aren’t used in the word and they’ll also be greyed out on your virtual keyboard. Yellow tiles are in the word, but their placement is incorrect in the word you just guessed. Green tiles are both used in the word and are in the correct location. You have a total of six tries to get the correct word before failing. The game does keep track of how many guesses it takes you, so there’s a certain amount of pride in having lots of quick solutions.

Best Starting Words & First Guesses

But how should you start? In short, you want to make sure your first few words give you a lot of information. That means eliminating or confirming at least two vowels and not using the same letter more than once.

It’s important to remember that just because a letter is green, it doesn’t mean it’s not used again in the word. If you have M and O showing as green in the first two slots, for example, the word “Moons” can still be correct.


For all you Wheel of Fortune fans, “lanes” is a great start since it has most of RSTLNE and an extra vowel thrown in to help you get started.


How about three vowels with a B and T thrown in for free?


I like “maybe” as a starting word because I always end up forgetting about Y as I start eliminating vowels and can’t seem to make the word work with what little I have.


Want to eliminate some of the most common letters right away? Give our planet a nod.


If vowels aren’t your problem and you’d rather remove some consonants, “sharp” is a solid choice.


Vowel destruction, plain and simple.


For some reason, I always struggle to find words with P in them, so starting by getting that out of the way always feels good.


This is a good one — though few words use Q, so there are more efficient choices.


Same story as “quote,” but use it if you’re really stuck and can’t think of another word with V in it.


Super common letters to eliminate or confirm right away.


Another word with super common consonants.


One fewer RSTLNE letter than “lanes,” but equally valuable.