Wordle of The Day Hints & Answer for Word 507: November 8, 2022

Let's saddle up for another Wordle with the usual hints!

The Wordle of the day (by which we mean Tuesday) has arrived in full force. So have we, as you can probably guess, with your typically scheduled hints and only answer. If you want them, of course. We’ve reached the Wordle for November 8, 2022. You may wish to know that’s puzzle number 507. Just in case you’re keeping count. There are probably at least a few of you out there, right? Regardless, let’s discuss those aforementioned hints. If you’re here having issues guessing the correct word, we’re also here to help as usual. Whether you just need a few hints to get you on the right track or you’re simply looking for the answer as a means of keeping your score intact, we’re here to help.

We’re going to give some hints first before sharing the answer. If you just want said answer, scroll to the very bottom of the article. It’s right there in bold text below the aforementioned “SPOILER WARNING.” For those of you who just want a tiny nudge in the right direction, the next section includes both some easy hints (whether the word is a noun or a verb, a very broad category of what it could be, etc.) followed by some more specific clues. The latter should all but tell you what the word is.

Note: Yesterday appeared to have two different answers depending on what time folks logged on. As best we can tell, the New York Times jumped ahead in its own word list again very early in the day, depending on your time zone. Similar to what happened back in May. Yesterday’s original word didn’t seem particularly scandalous, so we’re not sure why it would be changed. Maybe they’re just being extra sensitive with the pending midterm elections in the U.S.? Regardless, we’ll keep a close eye on things for now!

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Today’s Wordle Word Hints of the Day: #507

In this section, we try to keep things vague and only point you in the right direction. Hints at this stage will be more about the meaning of the word, rather than any specific letters that are used in the word itself. We also won’t use other methods like “rhymes with,” “sounds similar to,” and the like. More specific hints are included just after that — finally followed by the full solution after a Wordle spoiler warning. Figured we’d just warn you one last time!

Easy Hints

These first hints will steer you in a general direction without giving too much away!

  • Is both a noun and a verb.
  • In real life, it typically involves writing words.

Even with those two hints, there are still plenty more possibilities to choose from. We’ll try to narrow things down in the next section!

More Specific Hints

You still absolutely get credit (and keep that streak going) if you need these beefier hints. Let’s narrow it down and get a bit more specific.

  • Witches and warlocks are often known for these.
  • If you go to a spelling bee, you had better know how to do this.

Still drawing a blank? Think about it some more or scroll down for the final answer reveal.

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Wordle of the Day #507 Answer

Still having trouble? If you want to keep thinking about it, don’t scroll down just yet. We’re going to post the answer, in bold, below. It’s hard to miss and your eyes are naturally going to want to look at it, so I highly recommend you go no further unless you want it spoiled. Really, it’s coming right after this. Last chance!

The Wordle of the Day for November 8, 2022, #507 is:


Seems a little late for spells with Halloween come and gone, but what can you do? It’s never too late to start something new, I suppose!

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