Wordle of The Day Hints & Answer for Word 415: August 8, 2022

More Wordle hints cometh today (along with just one answer).

Today’s Wordle hints and answer are brought to you by… me, I suppose! We’ve reached Monday, August 8, 2022 and it’s already high time we solve Wordle 415. “High time” makes me think of “high noon,” for some reason, which reminds me of all the spaghetti westerns I used to watch with my family as a kid. Ironically, they didn’t use a whole lot of words in the Man with No Name films, but we can still shoot straight into a Wordle hint or two. Then it’s on to the answer if you still need help!

The hints come first, of course, while the answer will be shared at the very bottom. If you just want said answer, just scroll on past. It’s right there in bold text below the “SPOILER WARNING” image.

For those of you who just want a tiny nudge in the right direction, the next section first includes a set of easy hints (whether the word is a noun or a verb, a very broad category of what it could be, etc.) followed by some more specific clues. The latter should (hopefully) all but tell you what the word is, while the former will only give you a little push.

Today’s Wordle Word Hints of the Day: #415

In this section, we try to keep things vague and only point you in the right direction. Hints at this stage will be more about the meaning of the word, rather than any specific letters that are used in the word itself. We also won’t use other methods like “rhymes with,” “sounds similar to,” and the like. More specific hints are included just after that — finally followed by the full solution after a Wordle spoiler warning. Figured we’d just warn you one last time!

Easy Hints

These first hints will steer you in a general direction without giving too much away!

  • It’s an adjective.
  • Would not be a good quality for a pair of pants.

Even with those two hints, there are still plenty more possibilities to choose from. We’ll try to narrow things down in the next section!

More Specific Hints

You still totally get credit (and keep your streak) if you opt to use one of these beefier hints. Let’s narrow it down and get a bit more specific.

  • If you are not the right person for a job, you are [_____].
  • If one was the opposite of physically able, they might be [_____].

Still drawing a blank with this one? Think about it some more or scroll down for the final answer reveal.

wordle word of the day spoiler

Wordle of the Day #415 Answer

Still having trouble? If you want to keep thinking about it, don’t scroll down just yet. We’ve posted the full answer, in bold, below. It’s hard to miss and your eyes are naturally going to want to look at it, so I highly recommend you go no further unless you really want it spoiled. Really, it’s coming right after this. Last chance!

Here we go!

The Wordle of the Day for August 8, 2022, #415, is:


How was this one for you? It sure gave me a surprising amount of trouble… It’s one of those words that looks so simple by itself, when you look at it on paper, but you so rarely have any reason to use it in real life. It’s just not a word I think about very often!

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