Wolcen Edric Boss Guide – Tips for Taking Down the Act 1 Boss

Wolcen isn’t exactly a difficult game early on. For the most part you should just steamroll through most mobs even if they’re blue or golden. When you come to the end of Act 1, however, you’ll need to face your brother Edric. This three cycle boss is the first difficulty spike that you’ll experience and can it feel punishing as a result. Don’t give up though! Our Wolcen Edric Boss Guide will tell you what to expect and offer some tips for beating him.

Wolcen Edric Prep Tips

There are a few things to know before you go into the battle. For one, we recommend doubling up on health potions. Don’t worry about rage or willpower, your abilities are secondary to staying alive. You only get three lives, so make them count. On that note, if you die during the first phase, just give up and respawn at town. You’ll likely need that life later on and the first phase is easy enough that you should be able to get through it without dying.

Our last tip before you start is to try and ignore mobs when possible. While they do help with rage generation, if that’s something you need, Edric will just keep respawning them throughout the fight. Focus on dealing damage to Edric himself.

Wolcen One Hand Sword

Familiarize Yourself With Edric’s Phases

Phase One Tips – Wolcen Edric Boss Guide

This phase is relatively easy. During this time he’ll do a few different moves. In one, he’ll charge at you with his shield, knocking you out of the way and dealing damage. During the other he puts up an invincible shield of light and hunkers down, firing a burst of three bullets multiple times.

Make sure to dodge his charge attack and get an aerial ability off before he puts up his shield. Then focus on dodging his bullets. It’s okay to launch an attack between his own. Getting hit by one bullet isn’t a big deal, but all three of them together will take a pretty big chunk of your health.

You might have a chance to break his defenses here, briefly stunning him in place. You do this by wearing down the blue bar underneath his health. Afterward, however, he will become enraged and do significantly more damage should you get hit. When this happens, just focus on keeping away from his attacks, particularly later on in the encounter when he can one-shot you.

Phase Two Tips – Wolcen Edric Boss Guide

In phase two, Edric starts lobbing grenades with his sword. These are, thankfully, pretty easy to dodge. He also does a charge attack similar to what he did before but with his sword out. In another minor attack he fans his blade in a 180 degree arc, launching a bunch of bullets outward. It might take a few tries, but this too can be dodged with ease.

What you really need to be on the lookout for is his ultimate. With it he fires grenades in a 360 degree arc in four different 90 degree chunks: left, right, front, and back. These blow up in three distinct arcs from closest to him to furthest. Our recommendation is either to move into a zone that has already exploded or use one of your dodges (space bar) to avoid the damage.

For this phase try to keep him at the bottom half of the map where he has very little room to maneuver. His dashes are easier to avoid when you’re closer to him, just make sure to move away when he goes to ult.

Phase Three Tips – Wolcen Edric Boss Guide

This is easily the hardest phase where you really have to avoid taking damage. Many of his attacks can outright one-shot you so being fleet of foot is necessary. His primary attacks are a 360 degree sword swing and a jump attack which ends with him slamming into the ground and sending an “X” of damage outwards in flame.

Eventually Edric will jump to the center of the platform where he’ll put up a ring of shields and start charging his most powerful move. Be sure to get off an aerial AOE attack before you start focusing on dodging. While he’s charging various circle indicators will form around the map. Don’t be in these when they explode. Though you may worry about the ghosts killing you, don’t. They don’t deal enough damage to take you down at this point and are mostly a nuisance. Once these explosions finish, Edric will unleash a ring of fire which expands outwards and will almost certainly one-shot you. Make sure to dodge inward, or at the very least walk towards Edric, or you’ll likely die.

We recommend staying away from him as much as possible, sorry melee folks. We experienced success with this method as sometimes he wouldn’t attack us directly unless we came into melee range.

During this phase you may also need to time your breaks. If you completely drain his blue bar, he’ll be stunned like we mentioned. If he’s in the middle of charging his powerful move this will stop it completely. Though he’ll still be enraged, you’ll at least avoid the deadly ring of fire.

Though it may take a few tries, these Wolcen Edric tips should help you get through the boss and onto Act 2. Best of luck!