Wolcen Ailment Build Guide – Best Skills, Perks, Attributes

If you’ve played Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem at all, you know there are a ton of potential builds. With both your character and individual skills having 99 total levels and an intricate node based perk system, there are all too many things to consider. Thankfully, the game itself is simple enough that you can basically just input attributes, skills, upgrades, and nodes and have an entirely new build ready to go. Our Wolcen Ailment Build Guide will run down each of these sections, providing our recommended options so you can just fill it all out and get playing!

Ailment Build Perks – Gates of Fate

Wolcen uses a unique perk system called the Gates of Fate, a sprawling wheel of nodes that can be rotated to pair up your favorite trees. You can see our optimal loadout above with Scholar, Warmonger, and Time Weaver lined up. It includes the following perks, leaning heavily on Warmonger and Cabalist:

Inner Circle

  • The Wild Card (Soldier): +60% Critical Chance Score.
  • Attrition Strategist (Scholar): +60% Ailment Chance Score.
  • Covert Operative (Sentinel): +100% Passive Dodge Chance Score after being Hit.

Middle Circle

  • Manic Slaughter (Warmonger): +2 Damage per 100 unconsumed Rage Points.
  • Feast for the Crows (Warmonger): +2% Global Life Leach.
  • Bestial Frenzy (Warmonger): +25% Damage for each nearby enemy within a 4m radius.
  • Power of the First Men (Cabalist): +50% chance to multiply the number of Ailment Stacks inflicted by +2.
  • Immortal Offering (Cabalist): Killing an enemy grants +5% damage as corresponding damage type for each Ailment Stack on that enemy (up to +5 stacks per damage type).
  • Insidious Decay (Cabalist): +2 Ailment Stacks inflicted. -30% decrease to damage that does not deal damage-over-time.
  • Grievous Afflictions (Cabalist): Can now apply +1 additional ailments on the same hit. Hits can usually only apply one ailment type.
  • Merciless Lethality (Assassin): +60% Critical Damage. -30% Damage.
  • Slipping Shadow (Assassin): Active dodge can go through enemies.
  • Kingless Aegis (Praetorian): +6 Added block chance and allow any weapon to block.
  • Sacred Oath (Praetorian): Apply +2 Weakness Stacks upon blocking an attack to targets within a 7.5m radius.

Outer Circle

  • Dire Junction (Time Weaver): A portion of the damage you receive is delayed, and this delayed damage does not interrupt Force Shield regeneration. Your Maximum Health and Force Shield is decreased. You only take 1 damage from an enemy’s ttack when they hit you, the rest is dealt +40% of a second after the hit. Your health and Force Shield maximums are 85% of what hey normally would be.
  • Which Time Cannot Heal (Time Weaver): When you hit enemies afflicted with Stasis, they take 1.5 of the hit damage again after a +100% second delay.
  • Branded Burst (Exorcist): After a few seconds of not getting hit, you gain a Tenet point. When you are hit you ignore a percentage of the damage and lose a Tenet point. The amount of damage not dealt is increased with each point you have. You gain 1 Tenet point every 2.5 seconds up to a maximum of 5 Tenet Points and 1 Tenet Point is consumed whenever you are hit. +15% damage decrease per Tenet Point.
  • Furious Appetite (Child of Fury): Your Willpower Regeneration is applied to Rage instead. Passively generate Rage instead of Willpower.

Ailment Build Skills

  • Wailing Arrows (Right Click): Phantom Volley
  • “Avenger” Autoturret (1): Autonomous Sensors, Automated Ammunition Charge, Sleepless Sentry, Ballistic Reinforcements
  • Deathrazor Railgun (2): Aether Piercing Ammunition
  • Duskshroud (3): Friendly Territory, Reign of a Phantasm, Light’s Swift Retraction
  • Mark of Impurity (4): Fate of the Unholy, Guilt by Association
  • Flex Slot (5)

Ailment Build Attributes

Go with Wisdom if you’re still clearing the story so the build will function at all. The higher your ailment chance is, the better this build is. With low ailment chance you won’t do much damage at all. Otherwise put all your points into Ferocity and Toughness. This will help maximize your critical chance and keep you alive long enough for more ailment damage.

Ailment Build Gear Selection

You can ultimately use whatever gear you want, but we recommend a Bow and think these are the most important stats to focus on. They’ll help increase your damage and let you use your skills as much as possible. Keep in mind that you also want Ferocity and Toughness.

  • Physical/Rend/Toxic Damage
  • Movement Speed
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Rage Generation
  • Resource Cost Reduction

And that’s it! Good luck with the build and get wiping those mobs!