Where to Get Coconuts for Farah – Hitman 3 Ambrose Island

Here's how to get coconuts for Farah on Ambrose Island.

The latest batch of DLC for IO Interactive’s Hitman 3 has officially been released. Set on the pirate-infested Ambrose Island, Agent 47 is tasked with killing a fixer called Noel Crest and the pirate queen, Shini “Akka” Venthan. Similar to other Hitman missions, you’ll be left on your own to figure out how to efficiently kill these targets without being caught or killed. While there are several methods to complete this contract, one of which involves finding some coconuts for the local leader, Farah.

If you are looking for a full walkthrough of Farah’s quest you can go here. This will only cover the first step which can be a bit tricky.

Where to Find Coconuts

Hitman 3 Coconuts Farah

To start this sidequest, you will need to follow the trail through the jungle until you reach the small town. You’ll see a group of locals arm wrestling outside of a bar. Approach the woman in the orange headwrap (circled above) at the top of the stairs and speak to her. This is Farah and she will agree to help if you can locate some coconuts for her. The problem is Ambrose Island is quite large and there are numerous fruit hanging from these trees, most of which aren’t coconuts. So if you want to please Farah, we’re gonna need to sneak into a restricted area!

Hitman 3 Coconuts Farah

Head back along the jungle path you initially entered and look for a stone staircase on the left. It will be right by the first torch near the beach you initially start this mission on. Follow the path up the stairs and keep to the left until you reach another beach with some boats resting along the coast and a large guarded staircase.

Hitman 3 Coconuts Farah

Stick to the left side and follow the beach until you reach the rocky cliffs. You should see a green vine that Agent 47 can climb up, allowing you to sneak behind the armed guards and hide in the bushes. From here, use a coin or another distraction object to lure either a guard or a wandering chef into the tall grass. Knock out whomever you call over and put on their disguise. Personally, I like the chef since no one can since none of the roaming guards can see through this outfit.

Before you enter the small makeshift kitchen and camp, look to your right. You should see a small path with two guards patrolling through it. Along this path, there will be a tree on the left that has some coconuts hanging from it (circled in red). This is where things get tricky, as you can get in a lot of trouble if you’re caught in the open with a firearm. Because of this, I suggest you wait until the guards’ backs are turned and they are not under the coconuts. If you shoot these while an NPC is underneath it will kill them. However, if they fall and no one sees you shoot them you can freely grab the coconut that falls.

After this happens, go change back into your suit and return to Farah. You have to be in your original outfit, otherwise, Farah won’t open her hand for you to deliver the coconut. Doing so will give you the next step of her sidequest which is far easier than finding these hanging fruit!

One again, if you need help with the rest of Farah’s quest you can see our complete walkthrough here.