Where to Find Both Root of Nightmares Secret Chests in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has finally been released and there’s a ton of new content for players to sink their teeth into. Along with a new story, exotics, loot, endgame content, and a build crafting system, Lightfall also introduces our second Darkness subclass, Strand. Of course, one of the biggest draws is the new raid, Root of Nightmares. On the Witness’ pyramid ship, players will battle through hordes of Cabal enemies to face off against formerly imprisoned, Nezarec. Like previous raids, Root of Nightmares contains two secret chests for players to hunt down. So if you want some extra loot, here’s where to find both secret chests in Destiny 2’s new raid:

Root of Nightmares Secret Chest Locations

Root of Nightmares Secret Chest

Secret Chest 1

The first secret chest can be found between the first and second encounter. As you progress through this light traversal section, you’ll eventually reach a large room where you must run along some colorful roots. Higher up, along the right wall you’ll see three large openings in the wall (shown above). Cross the gap to the center hole and make your way down the hallway. You’ll quickly arrive in a room filled with Cabal enemies and a Tormentor called the Cavum of Nezarec. Once all of the enemies have been killed, the doorway at the end of the staircase on the left will open. Go up the stairs into the red room to find the first secret chest.

Root of Nightmares Secret Chest

Secret Chest 2

The second secret chest in Root of Nightmares is located after the second encounter during the jumping puzzle. As you progress through this section, you’ll eventually reach an area where you must ascend several staircases. You’ll know you are on the right path because there will be Darkness nodes against the walls by the stairs you are climbing. Once you reach the top, you’ll see the structure in the photo above. Refresh your Darkness Refuge buff at one of the nodes and then go to the edge. Look over the edge where the arrow is pointing above to find a floating diamond. Shoot the diamond to open the door to the tomb (circled above). Inside you will see a Light and Darkness field to acquire the Darkness Refuge buff along with the second secret chest.

Remember, secret chests will only drop loot that you’ve previously earned in this raid. So if you only unlocked the shotgun, chest piece, and sidearm those are the only items that can drop from these chests. Secret chests can be opened once a week on each character, so make sure to snag them whenever you’re going through the raid on a different class. Additionally, there is a guaranteed Deepsight variant you can obtain by completing a small puzzle throughout Root of Nightmares. Here’s how to complete this puzzle if you want to cut down on the grind to craft these new guns.

That’s all for now, so get out there and hoover up all that easy loot!