Warframe Wisp Guide: How to Farm the Ropalolyst Boss for Blueprints

Wisp farming made easy with our handy Jovian Concord tips!

The Jovian Concord update for Warframe is finally here. And with it come several major additions to the game, along with the newest Warframe, Wisp! Naturally, everyone wants to know the best ways to farm Wisp and her related blueprints. What are the best tips to kill the deadly Ropalolyst — and obtain its juicy Warframe parts — as fast as possible? Well, we’ve got you covered with our Wisp farming guide to Warframe. Let’s take a look!

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As with every frame, you will need to wait several days to completely build Wisp, so farming her parts should be top priority. Wisp blueprints drop from the new Ropalolyst boss fight located on its own node on Jupiter. To access the Warframe boss fight, make sure you first complete “The Chimera Prologue” story mission. Just check your codex terminal on the ship!

Next, to get to the boss, you need to make your way through a bit of story that won’t make much sense (even if you are caught up on the plot). There are some sections that require a bit of platforming (nothing too hard in Warframe), but the biggest obstacle is seeing through Natah’s giant face!

The boss arena consists of a main platform and three surrounding towers with pulsing blue energy towers. Note the tower locations! They will be very important later on. Finally, after a brief cutscene, the multi-phase fight will begin.

Warframe Boss Tips – Ropalolyst Fight & Wisp Farming

The goal of the first phase is to bait the Ropalolyst charged attack towards one of the towers. To do this, make your way to one of the platforms by crossing the cables or jumping across with your Operator dash power. The Ropalolyst will sometimes charge a couple of the wires with electricity, so if you take this route, beware. The boss can also disable your abilities — including the Operator dash. If you fall down at any point, you will teleport to the middle platform and need to start again from there.

The boss will also shoot several large beam attacks that can be difficult to avoid. Using Operator invisibility (by holding “Crouch”) is the best and most reliable way to mitigate damage during this stage. The boss also tends to target the party host more than other players when attacking.

When the Ropalolyst flies into the air, just hide behind the tower so the structure absorbs the attack. This will, in turn, charge the tower — which you must do in order to proceed. You can tell when the pillar is fully charged by the glowing ring that appears around it.

Next, take down the Ropalolyst shield with your Operator amp (similar to fighting Eidolons). With that done, you can then ride on top of the boss by jumping towards it and pressing the action button (that’s the “X” key on PC). You are now in control of the boss, so fly it into the previously charged tower! This will activate a short cutscene and transport the team to the center platform, which will become smaller with every phase.

Warframe Wisp Farm

Shoot the Ropalolyst’s Synovias (dark grey areas on its back) to stun it. Then quickly press the button on the console in the middle platform to shoot a giant beam from the sky, down onto the boss. It is possible for the Ropalolyst to shake out of the stun over time. In which case, you need to shoot the Synovia again to knock it back down. While you do this, additional enemies will spawn on the platform, and you might need to deal with them if they start to down the team.

Repeat this entire process with the other two towers in the area, keeping in mind that the Synovias are already destroyed. That means you only need to shoot the boss to stun it again!

Once the boss is defeated it will drop one of the four Wisp blueprints! Sadly, there’s no guarantee as to which one you’ll get. You’ll need to repeat the Ropalolyst boss fight multiple times to farm the Wisp Warframe completely. Good luck!

Warframe Wisp Farm

Suggested Equipment – Ropalolyst Fight & Wisp Farming


High-mobility frames, such as Zephyr and Nova, can help a lot in this fight. The path to get to the Ropalolyst itself is long, but mostly a straight shot. So getting through it quickly will just help you farm Wisp faster. Nova portals are especially useful for helping struggling teammates, because anyone can use them!

The fight itself also requires you to cross gaps quickly, while the boss moves around the map. Both Zephyr and Nova can bypass the electricity that otherwise prevents you from using the cables to walk across.

Rhino is also a great pick for new and defensive players but because the Ropalolyst can disrupt your abilities, you need to be extra vigilant about keeping your shields up.

Warframe Wisp Farm


A high-damage, single target weapon is the ideal choice for taking out Synovias. Your preferred sniper rifle (e.g. the Vectis Prime) or a high-damage beam weapon (e.g. the Opticor) are both popular choices. The kitguns forged on Fortuna also do a lot of damage to the boss — especially if you want to bring a short-range primary to deal with the mobs.

Whatever weapons you choose, definitely mod them for Radiation damage. This is the most effective status against the Ropalolyst!

Melee weapons that gain bonuses from sliding, such as the Atterax, are also good for taking out mobs, since you will want to keep moving as much as possible during the fight.

Don’t forget about your Operator! Having an upgraded amp means you’ll be able to take out the Ropalolyst’s shields faster. If you have trouble hitting the boss with your amp, you might want to consider building one with a higher range, such as one that uses the Cantic Prism.