Vampire Survivors Relics Guide: How to Unlock all Relics, What They Do

How to unlock all Vampire Survivors Relics and their effects, from an in-game map to a Bestiary.

The Vampire Survivors Relics are particular items that extend beyond weapon combinations or upgrades during runs, and instead unlock some powerful and handy features. The reverse bullet hell, which continues to morph and evolve during Early Access, has just received its latest update that introduced a couple new features. In addition, you can finally battle the final boss, but there are still ways to go until the game hits 1.0 and we get to see the final version of it. This guide explains how to unlock all relics in Vampire Survivors and what they do.

If you’re looking for more help, we have guides covering how to unlock the Stone Mask, Spellbinder, Giovanna, and a secret character, as well as all Arcanas and weapon evolutions.

How to Unlock all Vampire Survivors Relics

According to the developer, Relics are divided into two main categories: Major Relics and just Relics. From the former, the development roadmap included six of them, which have all been added to the game already. But in total, at least until the time of publication, there are 10 different Relics to find and make use of.

You can find the full list of Relics below, as well as what each of them do:

  • Randomazzo: Unlocks Arcanas. In the Gallo Tower stage, head to the top and grab the Randomazzo item there.
  • Milky Way Map: Unlocks an in-game map that can be accessed by pressing pause while doing a run. In the Dairy Plant (unlocked by reaching level 40 in a stage beforehand) head south and slightly to the right following the green arrow.
  • Ars Gouda: Unlocks the Bestiary. In the Dairy Plant (unlocked by reaching level 40 in a stage beforehand) head south and slightly to the right following the green arrow. Yes, it’s the same spot as the Milky Way Map.
  • Grim Grimoire: Unlocks the Grimoire. In the Inlaid Library stage, head all the way west following the green arrow until you stumble upon the item.
  • Magic Banger: Unlocks music selection for all stages. Found in the Green Acres stage.
  • Glass Vizard: Spawns the Merchant in all stages. It’s sold by the Merchant themself in the Moongolow stage.
  • Sorceress’ Tears: Unlocks Hurry Mode. Can be found south of Gallo Tower.
  • Great Gospel: Unlocks Limit Break. You need to defeat the boss in Cappella Magna to get your hands on it.
  • Mindbender: Unlocks cosmetic options for characters as well as tweaking the maximum weapon loadout. You need to fill 100 entries in the Collection.
  • Yellow Sign:  Unlocks Silver and Gold Ring, as well as Metaglio Left and Right items. Can be found all the way east of Holy Forbidden.

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Have fun unlocking all Vampire Survivors Relics! As I mentioned, not all of them are essential for your playthroughs, but hey, they definitely add some interesting incentives in case it’s been a while since the last time you played and were looking for something new to pursue.