Tokyo Mirage Sessions Maca Leaves Location – Shibuya Remedy Request Guide

First released for the Wii U in 2015, Tokyo Mirage Sessions is a crossover RPG that stars characters from Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series, and uses gameplay elements from Shin Megami Tensei. The story takes place in real-world Tokyo, and features a number of side quests that supplement the main plot. One of them, called Shibuya Remedy, tasks players with tracking down three Maca Leaves. In this guide, we’ll rundown where to acquire this request and how to get your hands on the Maca Leaves.

cafe staff

Getting the Shibuya Remedy Request – Tokyo Mirage Sessions Guide

The Shibuya Remedy side quest first becomes available in Chapter 2, titled Head Over Heels for Her. The mission is acquired in Shibuya, from an NPC near the town’s coffee shop, Cafe Seiren. Her in-game name is Cafe Staff and you’ll know her by the apron she wears.

Talk to her and she’ll tell you that she’s invented a new item to sell in the cafe, the Yakisoba Latte. It turns out, though, that it’s been pretty unpopular with the clientele at Seiren. Cafe Staff explains that she’d like to try her hand at another creation, something “more medicinal, to soothe the mind and body.”

Accept the request and Cafe Staff will explain that she needs Maca Leaves for her new drink. The ingredient is controversial, she says, and she needs three of them.

Where to Find Maca Leaves – Tokyo Mirage Sessions Guide

Cafe Staff doesn’t give you much in the way of hints when it comes to actually finding the Maca Leaves, unfortunately. You’re going to have to do some dungeon diving here; the ingredient is a loot drop from monsters.

The dungeon you’re looking for is called Illusory Shibuya, which you’ll gain access to during Chapter 2 of the main story. Once unlocked, the entrance can be found just around the corner from Seiren Cafe. Head inside and start encountering monsters!

The Maca Leaves shouldn’t be all that hard to come by; most of the enemies inside Illusory Shibuya will drop them, including the worms, knights, and ghostly skulls. If you’re heading inside just to farm for Maca Leaves, make sure to keep near the dungeon entrance so you can make a quick escape after obtaining them. This is also important because Illusory Shibuya is maze-like in design, so once you progress it can be hard to backtrack.

Once you’ve collected three Maca Leaves, head back outside to Cafe Staff and hand over the goods. She will be thrilled to have them, and will tell you that she plans to get them into the kitchen right away. As a reward, Cafe Staff will give you a Melmark — a token you can turn in at various stores throughout the game in exchange for random items.

In addition, a new menu item will become available at Cafe Seiren. It’s called the Herban Legends Tea. Like most food and drink in Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Herband Legends Tea heals your party and increases your luck rating, which can result in better item drops.

And that’s how to find the Maca Leaves for the Shibuya Remedy side quest in Tokyo Mirage Sessions! Did this guide help you find them? Let us know in the comments section.