Tokyo Mirage Sessions Locktouch Guide – How to Farm Detritus for the Locktouch Ability

First released for the Wii U in 2015, Tokyo Mirage Sessions is a crossover RPG that stars characters from Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series, and uses gameplay elements from Shin Megami Tensei. The story takes place in real-world Tokyo, and features a number of side quests and optional pursuits that supplement the main plot. One optional ability is Locktouch, which allows you to open all the locked treasure chests that you’ll stumble across throughout the course of the game.

Unlocking the Locktouch ability involves a number of steps, one of which is farming Detritus, an item that serves as a sort of currency for a certain NPC. Here’s the rundown.


Step One: Recruit Nieg to the Urahara Arena

Towards the end of Chapter 2 of Tokyo Mirage Sessions’ story, you’ll unlock Urahara Arena, also known as Illusory Urahara. Here, you can test your combat mettle against increasingly-challenging waves of enemies. There are three difficulties in the arena, with greater rewards on offer for the harder ones.

Once you unlock the arena, talk to the Receptionist Mirage and you’ll be able to ask questions about how the challenges work. Doing so gives you access to special side mission: Arena Staff on Hire. The Receptionist Mirage explains that they need more Mirages to help operate the arena. These can be found in various locations throughout the game.

The one we’re most concerned with, though, is called Nieg, and he can be found just around the corner from the Idolasphere entrance in Harajuku, right near the crepe shop. He’s the little floating squid thing wearing a top hat. He’s also not a human, so that’s how you’ll know him.

Step Two: Start Trading Detritus with Nieg

Talking with Nieg will send him to the arena. Head there and talk to him, and he’ll tell you that he’s collecting Detritus. It’s a loot drop from monsters that you’ll probably have seen at some point along the way. Nieg wants you to trade Detritus to him in batches of nine. Each time you turn in a batch, he’ll reward you with Incense, which are items that allow you to increase the stats of your party members. If you trade with Nieg 12 times — meaning you’ve given him a total of 108 Detritus — he’ll leave Urahara Arena.

To get your hands on that much Detritus, there’s no doubt that you’ll have to do some dungeon farming. There are two methods that seem to work well: fighting Savage Mirages in traditional dungeons, or explore the optional training dungeons in the Bloom Palace.

Each variation of the training dungeons has four treasure drops in each of the four corners of the map, which can sometimes be Detritus. Savage Mirage enemies can also spawn in the training dungeons, so this is probably your best bet for farming Detritus. Just remember to save before each journey because you can’t save once you’re inside.

Step Three: Find Nieg in Illusory Daitama and Fight an Optional Boss

Once you’ve managed to hand over 108 Detritus, Nieg will leave the Ururhara Arena and head to the Illusory Daitama Idolasphere. Head over there and chat him up. He’ll ask you to take on an optional boss fight. If you’re able to overcome this fight, Nieg will reward you with the Locktouch ability!

And there you have it! It’s a pretty grind-heavy undertaking, but gaining the Locktouch ability is invaluable. In essence, you’re trading your time and effort for a number of optional treasure chests, which, if you ask us, is absolutely worth it.

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