Today’s LoLdle Classic, Quote, Ability, and Splash Hints & Answer: July 29, 2022

What is today's LoLdle answer? We got you covered with everything you need to solve LoLdle #23

Today marks a new LoLdle! It’s Friday, July 29, 2022 and we’re solving LoLdle #23. This fan-made Wordle-style League of Legends game has players guessing characters from League‘s pool of 161 champions. Whether you need a few hints to get you on the right track or you’re simply looking for today’s LoLdle answer as a means of keeping your score intact, we’re here to help. Today’s LoLdle will be a breeze for you.

We’re going to give some hints first before sharing the answer. If you just want the answer for today’s LoLdle, scroll to the very bottom of the article. It’s right there in bold text below the aforementioned “SPOILER WARNING.” For those of you who just want a tiny nudge in the right direction, the next section includes both some easy hints followed by some more specific clues. The latter should all but tell you who the mysterious champion is.

Today’s LoLdle Champion Hints of the Day: #22

In this section, we try to keep things vague and only point you in the right direction of a champion. These hints will steer you in a general direction without giving too much away! They seem to be popular?? A few other sites have been copy and pasting them directly lately.

Easy Hints for Today’s LoLdle Classic Answer

  • One of the few champs that utilizes invisibility
  • This champion can revive fallen allies

Easy Hints for Today’s Quote Solution

  • League quote: “Grant me the strength to forge by flame, a world beyond worlds.
  • This champion has a sister.
  • She’s kind of a cop. She would be way cooler if she wasn’t.

Easy Hints for Today’s Ability Solution

  • Innately one of the fastest champions in the game due to her passive.
  • Pirate slay.
  • Her full name is a pun.

Easy Hints for Today’s Loldle Splash Art Answer

  • One of the main characters in Netflix’s Arcane, a show you can read more about on Fanbyte
  • Hi-fiving this character would result in certain death.

Even with those hints, there are still plenty more possibilities to choose from. Still drawing a blank? Think about it some more or scroll down for the final answer for today’s LoLdle.

 what is Today's Loldle Answer loldle league of legends champion of the day spoiler

What is today’s LoLdle Answer? #23 Classic, Ability, Quote, and Splash

All of the answers for today are different champions! Finally, here are the full solutions for today’s Loldle.

The LoLdle classic of the Day for July 29, 2022, #23, is: Akshan

The LoLdle ability of the Day for July 29, 2022, #23, is: Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time ability.

The LoLdle splash of the Day for July 29, 2022, #23, is: Vi, from Arcane! Specifically Divine Sword Irelia.

The LoLdle quote of the Day for July 29, 2022, #23, is: Kayle, “Grant me the strength to forge by flame, a world beyond worlds.League quote.

We hope these LoLdle answers have helped you out, summoner. Now go out there and get those solutions right, we’re rooting for you! Check out our full LoLdle archive here. And Be sure to check out all of our League of Legends guides, news, and op-eds as well.

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