Answer for Today’s LoLdle Classic #34 – August 9 LoLdle Solution

What is today's LoLdle answer? Here are all the Classic, Splash, Ability, and Quote solutions.

Here’s Today’s LoLdle Classic Answer #34

The answer for today’s LoLdle classic is Hecarim.

We got you covered on Today’s LoLdle classic answer for August 9, 2022. If you just want all the solutions for LoLdle #34, feel free to scroll.

Created by Pimeko, this fan-made Wordle-style League of Legends game has players guessing characters from League‘s pool of 161 champions. If you want to get a leg up on your friends, or need to know as a means of keeping your score intact, we’re here to help. This LoLdle will be a breeze for you.

Today’s LoLdle Ability, Quote, and Splash Solution for August 9, 2022.

The answer for today’s LoLdle ability is Yasuo’s Last Breath League ability.

The answer for today’s LoLdle Splash is Wicked Lulu.

The answer for today’s LoLdle quote is Cassiopeia’s Another game of snake and mice League quote. She’s always saying this.

Today's LoLdle Classic, Splash, Quote, and Ability answer

We hope we helped you out, summoner. Now go out there and get those solutions right, we’re rooting for you! Check out our full LoLdle answer archive here. Itching for more League coverage? Be sure to check out all of our League of Legends guides, news, and op-eds as well. Yesterday we covered news that League of Legends will eventually stop making new champions, and explained why that’s okay. We also wrote about the new Arcane documentary series that is free to watch online.

Here’s an excerpt from our piece Arcane:

“I had very low expectations for this series out of fear that it’d be a lifeless, corny cash grab, but that’s not the case at all. From episode one, Arcane effortlessly breathes life into MOBA characters, transforming them from controllable playthings into flawed, excitable, and curious people that you can easily empathize with.

The 40ish minute long episodes cover a decent amount of intertwining plotlines, preventing confusion by making each arc distinctly personal and concise. Whether it’s hovering around the mad scientist Singed’s body augmenting experiments or upperclassman Jayce’s rich kid blues, it always spends just enough time on each story to keep you hooked.”

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