Tips for Playing Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne: Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Transition into Iceborne with our Monster Hunter tips!

Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne is the first paid expansion to the massive game. It’s also pretty big all by itself, adding quite a lot of new monsters and other activities to do. Chief among these is the new “Master Rank” content. This is a much harder degree of hunt, equivalent to G Rank missions in previous Monster Hunter games, and will put even veteran players’ skills to the test. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips and helpful info that isn’t well-explained in Monster Hunter. We’ll continue to update it as we get our hands on Iceborne, but for now please use it as a jumping-off point to prepare for the expansion!

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MHWI Road to Iceborne Infographic

Watch for Event Quests – Monster Hunter Tips

We try to report on the most major events in Monster Hunter when we can. The game also gives you some very basic information whenever you log in each day. However, the most specific details and schedules are posted on the Monster Hunter website. We recommend checking it out from time to time! Event Quests offer unique rewards, bonus drops, and other goodies that make getting back into the game much easier.

Capture These Tempered Monsters – Monster Hunter Tips

At a certain point in Monster Hunter: World, you unlock Tempered Monsters. These are more powerful versions of existing creatures you’ve already fought — stronger than standard High Rank ones, but still weaker than Master Rank monsters. They have more health, do more damage, and can become immune to Flash Pods after a few uses. They also provide important rewards: Streamstones and better Feystones.

Tempered Monsters are also categorized by three threat levels. And, while you’re hunting them anyway, you want to capture seven threat level two creatures. This includes any combination of the follow: Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Pink Rathian, Diablos, Black Diablos, Bazelgeuse, Uragaan, Lavasioth, Legiana, Odogaron. You need to capture at least one from seven of these species, for the record. Capturing multiples of the same one won’t cut it! But doing so will give you access to the mission “New World Sky, New World Flower.” This unlocks the quite useful Evasion Mantle.

Unlock the Temporal Mantle – Monster Hunter Tips

The Temporal Mantle is far and away the most powerful piece of equipment in Monster Hunter: World. It wasn’t in the game at first, either. Instead it was introduced in a free update, alongside the powerful Lunastra Elder Dragon. The path to unlocking this gadget isn’t complicated. It is a little lengthy, however. Here’s the rundown.

First finish “The Food Chain Dominator” special assignment (the one where you fight Deviljho for the first time) after reaching Hunter Rank 13. This unlocks the special assignment “The Blazing Sun,” where you battle an oversized Teostra in the Wildspire Waste (it’s also worth a Gold Crown for that monster). Next, complete “Pandora’s Arena.” You’ll have 15 minutes to “repel” a Lunastra — which basically means dealing enough damage to it to make it leave.

The final step is “No Remorse, No Surrender.” This special assignment pits you against a Lunastra and a Teostra at the same time. They won’t stick together the whole time, but they can use a co-op move that does heinous damage when they are in the same room. Fire resistance, fully upgraded armor, and Cool Drinks are recommended. Once you beat them both, though, the Temporal Mantle is yours! It will let you auto-dodge any “major” attack from any monster as long as you’re wearing it. That’s… downright cheating most of the time.

Dump Your Old Bounties – Monster Hunter Tips

Going into Iceborne, you’re sure to have some High Rank bounties left over from before. You know the type: kill X High Rank monsters in the Ancient Forest, capture a High Rank flying wyvern, etc. There’s a problem, though. Master Rank missions do not count for High Rank bounties — despite basically being the same thing, but harder. You need to manually abandon all of your High Rank-specific bounties (quests to capture bugs or pick up plants are still fine). Then replace these old and busted tasks with the new hotness: Master Rank bounties.

Do, Like, All the Quests – Monster Hunter Tips

This is the last of my “secret mission” tips for Monster Hunter: World. It’s also the most complicated. Basically, you need to finish every Assignment Quest (the main story missions) in Monster Hunter: World. That includes “Beyond the Blasting Scales” and “Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands,” which require you to hit Hunter Rank 29 and 49, respectively.

Then you need to beat every non-DLC Optional Quest of the eight-star and nine-star variety. That includes the ones where you fight Zorah Magdaros and Xeno’Jiva for a second time. It also means Special Arena Quests, which means you need to capture. Nearly. Every. Single. Monster. In. The. Game. Elder Dragons and DLC monsters like Deviljho don’t count, of course. Finally, you must fully research 15 total monsters to unlock two final Optional Quests.

Once all that’s done, you will finally gain access to “The White Winds of the New World.” This is another side mission that rewards you with at least one Research Commission Ticket at the end. That’s a mighty useful crafting material used to construct certain high-level Charms and top-tier Lunastra weapons. At Hunter Rank 100, you also unlock a similar mission that rewards the tickets, but requires you to fight Tempered Elder Dragons. Good luck with the grind, and the fight besides!

Grab Hard Armor Spheres – Monster Hunter Tips

A lot of the Monster Hunter mid-game becomes about upgrading your gear. The most efficient way to do this is with King Armor Spheres. However, these are exceptionally rare. Hard Armor Spheres and Heavy Armor Spheres are the next best thing — and are mostly acquired by bounties at the Resource Center. Pay close attention to these bounty descriptions!

Their objectives are mostly identical (hunt a certain number of monsters, collect things, or play in specific zones). But the rewards can vary pretty heavily. Advanced Armor Spheres, for instance, are one-quarter as potent as Hard ones. Not all bounties give you just one, either. Keep a lookout for missions worth two Hard Armor Spheres for the price of one.

The SOS Flare is “Real” Multiplayer – Monster Hunter Tips

Multiplayer matchmaking in Monster Hunter is… weird. It doesn’t work like other games, and the wording around it doesn’t help explain things better. But, basically, you want to fire your SOS Flare at the start of every hunt to begin matchmaking. Hold L1/LB and select the bottom on the radial item menu to do so by default!

Otherwise the only people that can join you are those in the same multiplayer lobby. That’s just 16 players per room. The SOS Flare allows anyone and everyone to find your hunt at the mission board and join. To summarize: posting a mission makes it available to your lobby, firing an SOS Flare opens it up to manual matchmaking.

(Most) Monsters Have Less Health Solo – Monster Hunter Tips

Monster Hunter multiplayer is all about enemy health. When you have more than one player in the same mission, monster HP jumps. Before Iceborne, this was always a flat bump of more than double the usual health — whether you had two, three, or four players. Now it will be a bit more granular! In Iceborne, the hit points increase by about 50 percent when there are only two players. Three- and four-player hunts are still the same, however. Not to mention you still lose both Palicoes on these higher population matches. So, in a sense, playing with three players can be the hardest way to hunt! The main exceptions are crossover monsters. Behemoth and the Ancient Leshen are always tuned for four players no matter how many you actually bring into combat.

Fight Tempered Monsters – Monster Hunter Tips

Besides all the missions they unlock, which I mentioned above, Tempered Monsters have many other uses. Not the least of which are those aforementioned Feystones and Streamstones. The former “decode” into jewels you can use to equip skills. The latter are used to augment armor (raising the level cap on each piece to 11) and weapons (providing specific boosts like life-steal or decoration slots). Tempered Monsters are also just good practice. They’re tougher than regular foes, and that will prep you for Arch-Tempered and Master Rank monsters down the line.

Return vs. Abandon: Know the Difference – Monster Hunter Tips

There are four ways to exit any mission in Monster Hunter. The first two are simple: just win or lose. The others are a bit complicated. At any time during a hunt, you can choose to “return from” or “abandon” the quest. And there’s a big difference! Returning basically functions like a loss. You don’t get any of the posted rewards, but you do get to keep anything you picked up along the way. Items like honey, herbs, and even carved monster parts will all come with you. But you’ll also lose anything you used (potions and the like).

Abandoning is just the opposite. You won’t keep anything, but also won’t lose anything. That’s great if you use hard-to-craft items like Mega Armorskin and Mega Demondrug! The one exception to this rule is the Lucky Voucher. These expire no matter how you finish a quest.

Make Some Friends in the Highlands – Monster Hunter Tips

Every zone in Monster Hunter: World comes with its own, resident Grimalkyne Tribe. These felyne friends offer useful gadgets to your own Palico. And the best of the bunch from the main game is the Coral Orchestra. This acts like an A.I.-controlled Hunting Horn — providing useful buffs to defense, attack, stamina, and more. Going into Iceborne, you definitely want this item on your side.

To begin unlocking it, you must wait for the Lynian Researcher NPC to appear in the Coral Highlands. You can check if he’s there between missions by looking at the zone as if you were about to enter an Expedition. Then… Go on an expedition! Find the Lynian, speak with him to start the quest, and head to Zone 10. You’ll do battle with the Grimalkynes there. After the fight is over, head to their base in Zone 11 (it’s behind the waterfall high up in the cave). This will unlock your last step: an easy quest called “Troubled Troupers.” Complete it to unlock the Coral Orchestra! Then take your Palico on missions with it equipped to level it up.