Tips for How to Beat Nargacuga – Monster Hunter: World Guide

The fan favorite Nargacuga doesn't stand a chance with our Monster Hunter guide.

Nargacuga is a legend among Monster Hunter fans. The bat-like creature has stalked multiple games, usually to a round of terrified applause, and is finally sneaking its way into Monster Hunter: World. It’s a tricky creature, too. The swift beast keeps a low center of gravity and deals massive physical damage. It can also make you bleed and attempt to sneak up on the unwary hunter. In general, the Nargacuga is not to be trifled with. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to beat Narcaguga in Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne!

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Nargacuga Attacks: Monster Hunter World Guide

Paw Swipes – The most basic Nargacuga attack is simply taking swipes at you from the front. You should be used to these kinds of attacks by now, and know that they’re not the number one threat to avoid.

Tail Spin – This can be tremendously hard to avoid. Nargacuga will occasionally raise its tail, with the tip pointing skyward, and proceed to spin around in a 360 degree death wheel. You won’t have a lot of time to avoid it, so watch that tail.

Tail Slam – Another tail attack, this move is usually indicated by Nargacuga hopping lightly into the air. The real tell is whether it makes a 180 degree turn to face away from whatever target it was just attacking, however. This indicates that Nargacuga will slam its tail down — dealing incredible damage.

Spike Spew – Finally, Nargacuga can spray its tail feathers in a shotgun blast in front of it. This attack has a wide spread and inflicts Bleed. You can usually tell it’s coming, though. Look for Nargacuga to jump very far away and flip to face a target. The monster will then quickly bring its tail above its head and fire.

Leaping Swipe – Nargacuga will strafe and leap to try and face hunters from their backs and sides. Then the beast will leap forward with a pounce when you’re not looking.

Maneuverability – This isn’t so much an attack as it is just something to be aware of. Nargacuga is much more nimble than most other monsters. Its attacks have very short “tells,” giving you little time to react. It also loves to get behind players as often as possible — usually by leaping around. This makes it especially dangerous for players that don’t learn its moveset.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Nargacuga

Tips to Beat Nargacuga: Monster Hunter World Guide

Nargacuga moves fast and can attack from any angle. More than most creatures in Monster Hunter: World, you really need to learn its patterns to avoid taking damage. Shielded weapons might be useful for first-timers, allowing them to block tail spins and slams. The downside is that this makes it harder to actually hit Nargacuga, since blocking particularly strong attacks locks you in place.

The Sword & Shield is a great middle ground. It lets you block while remaining nimble yourself. That way you can counterattack quickly. It also does sever damage, which is perfect for cutting off that deadly tail. Just know that you won’t get 100 percent block protection the way you might from a Lance or Gunlance.

Speaking of the Nargacuga tail, there’s another reason to watch its movements. The tail slam attack will actually stun the Nargacuga for a few seconds, as it gets stuck to the ground. This is your chance to swing away. When this happens, aim for the head, wings, and especially that tail (if you’re dealing sever damage). Removing the tail severely hinders the beast.

You’ll know when Nargacuga gets stronger, too. Unlike some monsters, which only indicate their enraged state with a roar and that opaque icon at the bottom of the screen, Nargacuga becomes visibly angry. Specifically, its eyes glow read and leave trails of light. That’s your cue to go on the defensive. Nargacuga is already wildly fast and hard to predict. Adding enrage on top of that only makes it harder to block and dodge.

And don’t forget: Despite being a high-level monster, introduced in Iceborne, Nargacuga is not an Elder Dragon. That means traps work on it just fine. In fact, you might want to bring some extras and their crafting materials. Its incredible speed makes holding Nargacuga in place a huge time-saver. Once the creature is holding still, Nargacuga is weakest to thunder damage.

Nargacuga Armor MHW

Nargacuga Gear: Monster Hunter World Guide

The Nargacuga armor sets are mostly great, but very much designed with a specific playstyle in mind. Their set bonus is True Razor Sharp/Spare Shot: a tremendously useful skill on basically any weapon in the game. Evade Window isn’t bad, either, since it allows you to safely dodge attacks. Even unblockable moves can’t stand up to that with the right timing. Stamina Surge will also let you dodge more often. All together, these should let you benefit from Peak Performance — which gives you more damage when at full health.

Combined with Piercing Shots, this set seems custom built for a Bow build that goes heavy on the Dragonpiercer. The Stealth and Speed Crawler skills to get out of danger if your nimble glass cannon tactics fail you. However, that feels somewhat gimmicky and even unlikely. Hiding isn’t a particularly reliable strategy in Monster Hunter: World. Although, combined with Dragonpiercer and the Assassin Mantle, it could make for some powerful opening hits. Speed Crawler also has the added benefit of keeping you safer while bleeding.

Thanks for reading another Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne guide. We hope it helps you beat Nargacuga in record time (or at least with as few carts as possible). Good luck, hunter!