Tips for How to Beat Namielle – Monster Hunter: World Guide

There's a new Elder Dragon in town. And don't they look slick.

Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne doesn’t just let old monsters have all the fun. It’s also home to all-new creatures debuting in Gen 5 of the series. One such slippery, sinister beast is Namielle. It’s a water-focused Elder Dragon — the first of its kind in MHW. In fact, water damage is pretty underrepresented in the game in general. So you might need to build some new armor to tackle this tidal terror. What other things should you take into account? Find out in our guide to Namielle in Monster Hunter: World!

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Namielle Attacks: Monster Hunter World – Iceborne Guide

Namielle is the first water-based Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter: World. Don’t let that fool you, though! The majority of the creature’s direct offense actually comes from lightning attacks. Throughout the battle, the monster will absorb and redirect water around the battlefield. Then it will charge those large puddles with lightning attacks. If you’re standing inside a connected body of water, you’re liable to get zapped. Luckily the electricity evaporates the water in the process, however.

You can tell Namielle is ready to use its elemental combos by the color of its hide. When it’s covered in water, and ready to spread the devastation, it glows in rainbow patterns. When it’s dry, Namielle becomes much duller. Keep an eye out for its most powerful water-based attacks when it’s glowing, then go on the offensive when it’s dry.

Because of its unique nature, Namielle’s attacks take many forms. But most of its physical attacks involved dive bombs and direct tackles. When it’s charged with electricity, though, these deal Thunder damage and potentially Thunderblight — even if you’re standing far away, if you get caught in one of its pools.

Speaking of the pools, Namielle can summon a great torrent of water that slows you down (similar to walking through natural water or snow). The Elder Dragon will also fire a damaging tidal wave in a cone on the ground, directly in front of itself. This can inflict Waterblight, which makes your stamina recharge at one-third the normal rate. You must also watch out for the beasts water beam attack. This fires a thin strip of water damage in patterns on the ground. After a short delay, whatever part of the ground was hit by water will explode.

MHW Namielle Iceborne

Tips to Beat Namielle: Monster Hunter World – Iceborne Guide

The Waterproof Mantle is a must against Namielle. Not only does the equipment protect you from water damage, it prevents Waterblight and cures you of it if you equip the item while afflicted. The Thunderproof Mantle is actually less necessary. Namielle uses its electric attacks far less frequently and with much less range than its water skills. Not to mention you can soak up its puddles of water by firing Brightmoss out of your Slinger. Just aim for the puddle and shoot to dissipate it.

You should still bring Nullberries to reduce any Thunderblight you may accrue, unless you have maxed out Stun Resistance. Remember that Thunderblight only increases the rate at which you become stunned! Besides the Stun Resistance skill, your Palico can also negate this effect with the Coral Orchestra gadget. Either way, Nullberries are useful for when the Waterproof Mantle is on cooldown.

Once you diminish or negate its elemental attacks… Namielle isn’t actually that difficult! Its physical abilities are quite limited and it’s not very big. That means you have your choice of where to strike it with just about any weapon. Although Namielle’s head is deceptively small. You should try to aim for the very tip of it if you go that route. That said, Namielle is fairly weak from the back. Its sea beam and water eruption attacks are both directed to the front. So sticking behind it will protect you from those moves altogether. Just don’t get get underneath the monster when it floats into the air! Odds are that it’s about to tackle back down with an electric dive bomb.

Namielle even has a bunch of weaknesses to exploit. It’s greatest weaknesses are poison, fire, and blast damage. Although thunder and water damage are totally ineffective.

Namielle Gear: Monster Hunter World Guide

Both types of Namielle armor in Monster Hunter: World come with a brand-new set bonus: Element Acceleration. This gives you the Free Element/Ammo Up skill for, well… free! The catch is that you need to continuously hit a monster to trigger the effect. The upside is that it also increases elemental damage altogether. Given the buffs to elemental damage in Iceborne, that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Otherwise, both the Namielle armor comes with some very useful all-purpose skills. The sets will help you regenerate stamina faster, use it less quickly, and do more damage when your stamina is full. Not to mention you get some very high thunder and water resistance in the bargain. This gear is nothing to sneeze at!

Thanks for reading another Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne guide. We hope it helps you beat Namielle in record time (or at least with as few carts as possible). Good luck, hunter!